Diabolik Lovers

Hey guys!

So I didn’t do a review on Friday because I came home late that night after watching a play and was too tired to do one. The play was done by a bunch of NUS students and my cousin was acting in it so I went to support him. It wasn’t too bad 🙂

So today I have some free time and I’m going to write an anime review today. From the title above, you’d all know what anime it is. It has long ended and its story line wasn’t very attractive but I’ll still talk about this anyway. I followed this anime religiously and bookmarked it even before its first episode came out. Each episode always felt so short that not long after I clicked the ‘play’ button, I’d see the credits rolling before I knew it.

This anime was based on an otome game of the same name and here’s the setting:

Anime_PosterKomori Yui is a kind-hearted 17-year-old whose father is a priest. In her second year of high school, her father moves away because of work and as a result, Yui is forced to move to a new town. She is told that she will live in a mansion and that it will be her new home. The mansion is dubious-looking and somewhat creepy but Yui goes in anyway after she’s dropped off in front of it. (These people really should learn how to GTFO when they see such things)

The doors of the mansion open automatically when she reaches for the doorknob and seeing no one in sight, she decides to wander around and explore the house first.

She spots a young man sleeping on a couch and approaches him. He is Sakamaki Ayato, one of the triplets among the six brothers in the household and soon after he wakes up, his five brothers appear, surprised that they have a human guest. Yui realises that the six brothers are not normal and they are revealed to be vampires.


The rest of the anime then shows us in each episode more about the Sakamaki family. For the next consecutive 5 episodes (Episodes 2-6), each episode would feature one (or two) of the Sakamaki brothers and focus solely on him, giving you an idea of what his personality is like and showing you his past. I’d say that the brothers are all either damaged or just mentally unsound. I would say that the damaged ones are Shuu, Ayato and Subaru while the mentally unsound ones are Reiji, Kanato and Raito.

Then there’s a recap episode called Episode 6.5 that recaps all the previous episodes. I remember feeling frustrated and nearly wanting to pull my hair out because I did not wait a whole week only to get a recap episode T.T

So anyway the story line gets better and more mysterious from there (thank god). We delve into the past of the six brothers when they were younger and are introduced to the boys’ mothers, Cordelia, Beatrix and Christa.


Just so you know, Beatrix (the blonde) is the mother of Shuu and Reiji, Cordelia (the purple-haired one) is the mother of the triplets Raito, Kanato and Ayato and Christa (the fair-haired one) is the mother of Subaru.

Cordelia’s the most crazy one of the three wives and it’s probably due to her sickening personality that made her three sons (Raito, Kanato and Ayato) all messed up. She is the center of the story line in the second half of the anime as she starts to awaken inside of Yui. The revelation that Cordelia was killed and that her heart was taken out and placed inside of a host body – Yui – explains why the six brothers have been so attracted to Yui’s blood, calling it delicious and exquisite. This was because Cordelia was of a high status in the vampire society: the Demon Lord’s daughter.

Cordelia is awakened in Yui’s body by Richter, the brothers’ uncle and Yui is seemingly gone forever until she is triggered into remembering who she really is. When she gains back control of her body, she stabs herself through the heart with Subaru’s knife and appears to have died. She regains consciousness soon after and says a single sentence:

‘I’m so thirsty.’

– Final Thoughts – 

I really liked Diabolik Lovers even though it was slow and it made me so frustrated at times. The story line didn’t even appear until the 7th episode and if it didn’t appear by then I’d have boycotted the show. But then again, I don’t think I could have because the Sakamaki brothers are too good to resist. Shuu and Subaru especially.

Some parts of the anime even made me cringe in my seat, such as the episode whereby Raito corners Yui in a church and tells her she has no where to run. He then proceeds to bite her and suck her blood in the most painful places you can imagine such as the thigh. I also cringed at how sadistic and unfeeling the triplets were when they killed their mother Cordelia but I guess I don’t blame them…?

Some questions were left unanswered such as Richter dragging his way back to the room with Cordelia’s dress in the last episode, saying that it’s the only thing left for him and that the dress is the key. Key? Key to becoming the Head and possessing the power of the sacrificial bride? Uh, okay. Besides that, what IS the power of the sacrificial bride? What happens after obtaining her or killing her or whatever? Why is there even the need to have a sacrificial bride???

Yeah, I’m totally confused on those points and can only come up with my own simplistic theory that whoever kills/obtains the sacrificial bride will obtain power that will enable him to become the Head of the demon world (?) and that Cordelia’s dress somehow has that ability to give Richter all that…?
What does Cordelia have anything to do with the sacrificial bride anyway adjfskfjjsfksgksh

Besides all that, the opening theme song of Diabolik Lovers is really nice and sexy. I was addicted to it and downloaded it the day its OP was released. The seiyuus of Ayato and Shuu singing were simply to perfect for words ^^

Overall, I wouldn’t mind watching Diabolik Lovers again. But it wouldn’t be the first anime I would rewatch as I prefer to watch the comedy ones such as Special A, Kaichou wa Maid- sama! and Fruits Basket.

Rating: 8/10 overall


4 thoughts on “Diabolik Lovers

  1. Ok im still confused on what happens after she comes back from stabbing herself is she a vampire now and is ayatos mom still awakened inside her. Can u please explain that to me.


    • I think Yui came back as a vampire since when she woke up, she said ‘I’m so thirsty’. Cordelia was supposed to have been dispelled from Yui’s body after Ayato fed Yui Reiji’s potion so either her consciousness had been put to sleep or she was really dispelled from Yui’s body.

      I’m not very sure myself but I think this would be the acceptable explanation of what happened in the end 🙂


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