Kyou no Kira-kun

Hey guys!

So I know I haven’t been diligent in updating the blog and I’m sorry, I really am. The reason is because my exams are coming up soon and I’ve been studying hard (at least, I think so since there’s no way to measure how hard you’ve been studying)
I’ll be writing a manga review that that’ll be pretty short because I need to write something to take my mind off studying and stress for a while.


The manga is called Kyou no Kira-kun and it is by Mikimoto Rin. I started reading it a few days ago and it’s still ongoing so it’s currently only at chapter 11. The genres are drama, school life, tragedy, slice of life, shoujo and romance.

This story is about a girl who is introduced to us as weird and someone who is not very much liked by her peers. Okamura Nino is a 16-year-old girl who has long bangs that cover her eyes and a cockatiel that sits on her shoulder wherever she goes. She has weird hobbies and doesn’t socialise well with the others – she is a lonely person with her cockatiel, Sensei as her only companion.

Kira Yuiji, her classmate on the other hand, is handsome, popular and well-liked by everyone. On top of all that, he is Nino’s next door neighbour though they have never spoken to each other at all.

One day, Nino is told by her mother that she heard from Yuiji’s father that he would be laid to rest the following year. Her mother wants her to look after him because no one else knows about it and he has only one year left to live. Nino is shocked but unconvinced. The next day when she goes to school, she watches Yuiji and notes that he doesn’t look like a person that’s going to die.

While talking to Sensei, Yuiji so happens to walk by and discovers that the cockatiel Nino carries around is actually alive. She tries to hide Sensei but Yuiji finds out anyway that Sensei is real and he tells her he’ll keep her secret.

The rest of the chapters tells us about the growing friendship between Yuiji and Nino and how that friendship gradually turned into love. There’ll be many emotional scenes of Yuiji crying and Nino learning new things about herself that she never knew about. How Nino reaches out to Yuiji and assures him that even though he only has one year, he’s important enough to be worth spending her time with and how she gets out of her comfort zone to go the extra mile for him is touching and beautiful.

Nino’s gestures are genuine and innocent, making her a very sweet female lead. She has the potential to be a strong woman in future chapters to come.
As for Yuiji, he’s a man with a hidden grief that no one can understand – he has limited time. And because he knows it, he doesn’t have much of a care in the world for the people around him at first: he bullies other people and acts all arrogant and uses girls as things to pass the time by playing around with them then dumping them unrepentantly. However, after meeting Nino who reaches out to him and asks him to be her friend, saying that she will always be by his side until he dies, he changes, comforted that he won’t be alone.

This is a lovely, sweet story with quite a number of emotional scenes. I don’t see many guys cry but seeing one cry so much in a particular story is… heartbreaking. I love the relationship between Nino and Yuiji because they are two people who others would’ve never thought would get together. They are both lonely people who portray their loneliness differently: Nino by keeping to herself exclusively, Yuiji by putting on a mask and hiding away his inner loneliness, knowing that all his ‘friends’ are there just because he’s handsome and popular.
The way they support each other is wonderful to read and if you’re looking for a manga to read about support and self-growth and you don’t mind a little realism of impeding death from sickness – the reality of limited time, then this is the story for you.

Art: 9/10 (Mikimoto Rin does a great job in drawing the crying expressions of Yuiji, they all tugged at my heartstrings)

Chapter length: 9/10 (approximately around 40+ pages each)

Story line: 8/10 (I would really like to see how these two support each other and how they turn out in the end :))


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