Koi, Hirari

Hey guys!

I thought long and hard about what kind of review I should give you guys and I decided to write about a manga I just completed. I love its art a lot because it’s done by the author of Aoi Kiseki, another manga I wrote a review about a while back. Aoi Kiseki had beautiful art and I couldn’t get enough of it so I looked up more mangas from the same author, Mitsuki Miko.

I’m going to write about Koi, Hirari, which means ‘Addicted to You’. The story revolves around a young girl, Misaki Sumire and her first love in the town that her mother fell in love with her father.

The genres of this story are Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life and Shoujo.

Koi.Hirari.The story starts off as this:
Misaki Sumire arrives at a new town. Her mother is excited for her to get herself a boyfriend and she tells her to put ‘boyfriend over food’ because Sumire loves to eat. It’s amazing how she remains skinny even after eating a whole lot of food at one sitting. She takes a walk through her neighbourhood and as she walks past one of the houses, she suddenly witnesses a handsome young guy jumping over the house walls. He lands on her accidentally and shocked, Sumire pushes him back and moves away.

The guy smiles and starts to take off when people from his house start calling him to come back. He briefly tells Sumire, ‘So there are still girls like you around’ before he leaves, leaving Sumire confused. She walks on to the school that she would be attending and stands outside to look at it. She then spots a guy lying on the floor in the snow and jumps over the fence to go over and check if he’s alright. She realises that it’s the guy she met earlier on and watches him for a while, wondering if he was injured or dead. Unsure, she then calls the ambulance. The guy then wakes up and tosses out a bunch of pocket heaters at her, telling her that sleeping in the snow feels really good and asks if she’d like to try it too XD

Sumire punches him, saying that she was worried and the guy realises that she was actually worried for him. He puts her coat over her and smiles, thanking her and commenting that she really is a good girl. Just then, the paramedics arrive and they escape them together. They escape into a street and walk by an accessories stall. A hairpin with violets on them catches Sumire’s eye and the guy doesn’t miss it. He asks if she wants it and he puts it on her, doing up her hair at the same time. He asks for her name and he tells her that he’s Miyamoto Kazuki. She witnesses two girls talking to him and one of them thanking him for the hairpin she received the other day. Sumire feels uneasy and leaves to go home.

Later, she decides to return the hairpin to him and goes to visit him at his house. She enters through the unlocked door and watches Kazuki doing traditional dancing for the first time. She realises that she had fallen in love with him that day, on new year’s eve.

The story then goes on with Sumire returning Kazuki the hairpin, her joining the same class as him, trying to hate him when she realises that he plays with girls’ feelings, him declaring that he would make her fall in love with him, her falling deeper in love with him when she watches him dance on stage and how they both start to notice each other more and eventually admit their feelings for each other.

Sumire and Kazuki both face obstacles though, such as Kazuki’s stubborn and strict father who wants him to succeed him to become the head of the Miyako School, Kazuki’s fiancee and Haruka, Kazuki’s younger brother. The comedic parts, I would like to say, are the parts whereby Kazuki and Haruka butt heads with each other. Kazuki gets so offended when Haruka merely even insults her and threatens him with hilarious threats.

koi_hirari_v01_ch06_13 lkoi_hirari_v01_ch06_14 lkoi_hirari_v01_ch06_15


Yurika, Kazuki’s fiancee is annoying but at least she’s not hateable like many other third-party characters. She’s childish but eventually, she gives up after her patience wears thin. Haruka, Kazuki’s younger brother first appears to be a pretty girl but it turns out later that he was dressed like a girl for a performance hahaha ^^ 
He’s ambitious and somewhat bitter that his father pays more attention to Kazuki than he does to him. He even feels used by his father who had announced that he’d make Haruka the successor instead in order to make Kazuki buck up. I don’t blame the poor guy for being bitter and angry at his father and older, more talented brother who’s admired by all. 

Overall, this is a really nice, short and sweet manga. The art is beautiful, especially the guys. For some reason, Mitsuki Miko makes her male leads especially handsome. When Kazuki smiles, it’s one of the most beautiful, gentle smiles I’ve ever seen for manga characters. Take a look at this scene that conveys his love to Sumire with just a few simple, genuine words.

koi_hirari_v02_ch010_p024 koi_hirari_v02_ch010_p025


It’s the small things like these included that make the story so sweet and adorable. 

I’d totally read this again if I don’t have anything else to read in my spare time some day ^^

Oh yeah as a side note, Kazuki really looks like Wakatsuki Ran from Aoi Kiseki so much.

Art: 10/10 (I think I already mentioned how beautiful the art is three times or more in this review haha)

Story line: 8/10 (Short, sweet but a little unrealistic. Still, good for a short manga)

Chapter length: 7.5/10 (Approximately 33-35 pages for each chapter)


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