White Album 2

Hey guys!

I recently started watching this anime and initially, I wasn’t too sure about watching it but decided to give it a try anyway because it had looked interesting. I first found out about this anime when I visited Akihabara in Tokyo back in December last year and saw it being promoted on the streets. There were huge billboards of it on the street too and it seemed interesting so I noted it down and bookmarked the series when I came back.

1304041-560x408After watching the first episode, I was intrigued and am definitely going to watch more of it. I don’t know anything from the first White Album but this White Album 2 sure made a good impression for its first episode. As I usually pay attention to the music in the background of whatever show I’m watching, music is something that calls out to me; if it’s good music and I like it, the show instantly earns a dozen thumbs-ups from me.

The first episode of White Album 2 features a song called ‘White Album’, sung by Madoka Yonezawa, the voice of Ogiso Setsuna. And let me tell you, when she sings, accompanied by the guitar and piano, the song becomes extraordinarily beautiful.wa_setsuna

The genres of this anime are Drama, Romance and Slice-of-Life.

Kitahara Haruki, a third year student at Houjou University High School, is the backup guitarist in the old Light Music Club that is on the verge of disbanding. He loves playing his guitar and plays it twice a week in the first Music Room for an hour after school ends . He tells us that he would’ve stopped doing so long ago, if it wasn’t for his neighbour in the Music Room next door, the student who plays the piano and accompanies his guitar whenever he practices.

Haruki2One day, as he settles down to play his guitar one last time because of the end of the Light Music Club, he plays a few verses himself until his neighbour joins in. Haruki smiles, knowing that the music student was there all along and in his thoughts, thanks him for playing along with his guitar.

Then, suddenly a voice joins in their song, a voice so clear and beautiful that Haruki stops playing in surprise to listen to the girl sing and pinpoint the source of her voice. He tells the music student next door to keep playing while he runs up to the roof. The voice belongs to Ogino Setsuna, a  pretty girl who had previously spoken to him and doesn’t wish to participate in Miss Houjou Contest anymore after winning the title twice in a row.

And the episode ends there with Setsuna discovering Haruki there in surprise.


Okay so I’ve just completed the entire series of White Album 2 and one thing I can say for sure, is that I don’t regret watching this anime. It was somewhat slow at some episodes, but it built up the character development and their relationships with each other. I’d also like to say that the last few episodes really wrapped up everything nicely and tied up the loose ends and unanswered questions throughout the series.

The last two episodes really made me feel for the characters and I was close to sniffling but it didn’t happen in the end. The last two episodes were really the best episodes out of the entire 13 episodes, with the exception of probably the first episode, which blew me away.

As for the music, I wasn’t disappointed. Though ‘Sound of Destiny’ didn’t really catch my attention much, the rest did pretty well. I liked how there wasn’t a villain in the story, just a bunch of people who were as normal as can be, packaged with all the insecurities and flaws: selfishness, lies and the guilt of betrayal. Such stories with normal un-extreme characters make stories a little more realistic than the rest.

The rest of the story revolves around Haruki, Setsuna and Kazusa, their relationship, their promise of staying together forever and how because of Haruki, Kazusa changed and started to enjoy music again.

-My thoughts-

I really liked this first episode as I’ve mentioned above and the song White Album is one of the best anime songs I’ve ever heard in a while. If you love music, this is definitely your cup of tea. Beautiful characters such as Haruki and the mysterious neighbour, Touma Kazusa definitely will keep you well – not bored. I think an anime similar to this would be La Corda D’Oro since it also revolved around music but the vast difference between the two is that La Corda focused a lot on classical music, which many may not be able to appreciate and that White Album 2 has lyrical music while La Corda was all instrumental.

For what I’ve watched so far, White Album 2 has made a good impression and I give it a 9/10 for now ^^

Watch ‘White Album’ by Ogino Setsuna below here:


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