Ojousama wa Oyomesama

Heya guys!

So because I didn’t do a review last week due to the revamping of the website, here’s one for you guys this week. This is a manga that I discovered and found it to be really funny and sweet at the same time – I couldn’t put it down and I think I read it till its latest chapter within 2-3 days. I was surprised at how much I liked it because it didn’t disappoint and it did better than my expectations of the story.

The author of Ojousama wa Oyomesama is Hazuki Megumi and the genres of this manga are Comedy, Drama, Shoujo and Romance.

ojousama wa oymesamaThe story starts out like many other typical shoujo mangas whereby there’s an arranged marriage and the two parties have to get married no matter what even though they’ve never met before and don’t really like each other.

Usually, according to the similar mangas I’ve read so far, the characters take a while to get to know each other and eventually fall for each other, culminating in a marriage that is agreed on.

Similar mangas:
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Gokurakuin Towako is an ojou-sama (meaning that she is a lady from a rich household) and ever since she was a young girl, she was told that she would get married to a boy named Takatou Yuuga on her eighteenth birthday following the Gokurakuin family’s tradition.

The Gokurakuin family’s marriage tradition: When a child is born to the Gokurakuin family, on their eighteenth birthday, they are to wed a member of the opposite sex who was born on the same year, on the same day and at the same time as that child. 

Every year, Towako receives a single photo of Yuuga, her future husband and even though she has never met him before, she longs to see him and thinks that he is a brilliant person who is kind and will love her equaling a happy marriage. Like her, Yuuga was born on August 20, 1989 at 6.32pm and so was chosen to be her husband. Of course, he has never heard of such out-of-the-world news and immediately axes out the idea of marrying Towako when he hears of this news.

Towako is taken aback and understandably disappointed because all along she’s had this picture-perfect image of Yuuga and how they would have a lovely wedding and live happily ever after. Can’t blame the optimistic air-headed girl, you’d associate pretty/handsome looking people with positive attributes wouldn’t you? And Takatou Yuuga is considered handsome.

So according to another marriage custom of the Gokurakuin family, for one week before the child’s wedding ceremony, together with the partner, they are not allowed to be separated and must live together. They are forbidden to be in contact with everything and everyone from the outside world. Upon realisation of this custom rule, Yuuga fires up that there’s no way he’s gonna stay with her and Towako doesn’t object – this guy is mean and rude, completely different from her expectations of him! No way is she going to marry this horrible person and be stuck with him for the rest of her life.

She promises that she will find a loophole out of the Gokurakuin house so Yuuga can escape before one week is over – if they break the family customs, they can’t get married. In the meantime, the two get by the day and start to get to know each other. Yuuga explains that he doesn’t intend to fall in love and that one should marry the one you love. He also expresses some distrust in girls, saying that girls only show others their good points and hide the rest. Towako, who has never experienced the same stuff, listens to his opinions and outlook on love and starts to form more realistic thoughts about it.

As they spend more time together, we get to see the innocent, child-like curiosity of Towako’s which often amuses Yuuga or causes some sort of inconvenience to him. It’s not bad, but it shows him that she’s unlike other girls he’s met before, sincere and straightforward. He sees her insecurities, her fear of being alone and being left behind and assures her that he’s here in person so there’s no need for the album of his photos anymore. As he learns to see that she’s actually cute, he starts to fall for her and does agree to marry Towako.

The two will get married in the fourth chapter and their married/school lives follow as a married couple in secret. Towako and Yuuga are super cute and adorable because Towako is such an airhead with a one-track mind and Yuuga always has to deal with whatever situation she throws him into lololol. These two characters are so cute that I want to pinch them on their cheeks and squeeze them hahahaha (ps. their jealousy of each other is just so adorable too I think this makes them go on to my ‘Sweetest Couples’ list now)

Towako and Yuuga will of course go through many obstacles like people in a typical shoujo manga do, such as deal with Setsuna, Towako’s younger brother who has a sister-complex, Sawaguchi Remi, a classmate of Yuuga’s and Towako’s who has a crush on Yuuga, a new teacher called Renjou Kaoru who’s also the son of a rich household, Himeno Koujirou (nicknamed ‘Hime’), a childhood friend of Yuuga’s who loves to compete with him and Takatou Miju, a famous model who is Yuuga’s sister.

Here’s a jealousy scene of Towako from chapter 15, enjoy XD

ojousama_wa_oyomesama_v03_ch15_p006_transcendence ojousama_wa_oyomesama_v03_ch15_p007_transcendence


HAHAHAHA. Fast-forward to a few pages later… 

ojousama_wa_oyomesama_v03_ch15_p014_transcendence ojousama_wa_oyomesama_v03_ch15_p015_transcendence ojousama_wa_oyomesama_v03_ch15_p016_transcendence ojousama_wa_oyomesama_v03_ch15_p017_transcendence ojousama_wa_oyomesama_v03_ch15_p018_transcendence

Towako is such a child that it’s hard not to like her and the comedy in this manga are all cute and funny in the right places, not lame funny but innocent-cute funny that makes it so enjoyable to read.

I highly recommend this manga to those who want to read a light-hearted comedy with a rather sweet and cute romance. The art is good too, at the beginning of some chapters, Hazuki Megumi would draw a full-length image of a particular character. Some of the really attractive ones are in chapters 9, 11, 26 and 28. They’re mostly of Yuuga of course hahaha

I’ll tell you first: chapter 12.6 is a really sweet chapter ^^

Art: 10/10 (The art is really pretty and the characters wear the traditional clothing quite a lot so you get to see kimono/yukata designs and details and it’s all really pretty)

Story line: 9/10 ( Cute, funny, light-hearted, a totally sweet couple, what’s not to like? :))

Chapter length: 8/10 (Up till 32 pages, it’s reasonable)


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