Dreamy Days in West Tokyo – Season 2 – Haruki Tanemura

Hi guys!

Firstly, Happy Labour Day! Thank the Lord for the existence of PUBLIC HOLIDAYS ‘CUZ THEY’RE THE BEST THINGS IN THE WORLD. So since I have lots of time today  I decided to pick up my tablet and play a Voltage game once again. I ended up playing through Dreamy Days in West Tokyo because my handsome boyfriend Haruki Tanemura is there ^~^

It’s been a long time since I’ve done otome game reviews and I don’t do them very often simply because I have a bad memory of remembering how the stories went after I complete them. And when I finally have time to sit down at my laptop and slowly think through them, I feel so lazy and reluctant that I just don’t do the review all together. But I guess I was in a pretty good mood today so I decided that I’d play Haruki’s route again and do a review together with it. And I’m so proud to review this particular story because damn, it’s Haruki ❤

So I don’t know if you guys know about Haruki’s main story as well as his sequel, which are both set in his and the MC’s teenage high school years. I’m not going to review those because heh, I’m pretty lazy to play those routes again and review them. Besides, there is a review blog that has already reviewed Haruki’s main story. It’s pretty detailed but be warned – there are spoilers. A good description of Haruki as well as the story has been given though, so check it out if you’re curious to know about Haruki’s main story.

Moving on to Season 2!

Haruki Tanemura was the first guy that caught my eye when this game was first released and immediately, I KNEW that I definitely wanted him. Okay that sounds possessive but hey, it’s fine since he’s fictional. But since these games are kind of pricey, I thought I’d be patient and hmm maybe someday I’d consider buying him again. Voltage totally gave me no hesitation to buy him one fine day when I saw that his main story and sequel were both on sale. Sneaky Voltage. After zooming through Haruki’s main story and sequel, I liked him enough to snap up his Season 2 the moment it was available. I guess it was also because he became even more handsome in his Season 2 ❤

The story starts off with a kind of a wrap-up to the sequel and the characters’ high school days. It’s their graduation day and Haruki and the MC walk through their high school one last time, reminiscing about their memories of each other and how far they’ve come.

They talk about their future and how three years have passed so quickly. Everyone’s grown up now and look at the new and improved cast of Dreamy Days in West Tokyo now ^^


You and Haruki have now been dating for over three years and everyone is now in college. Haru is in a different college from you and is now studying law at H University. You both meet often for dates, either you going over to Haru’s campus or Haru going over to yours. The two of you are still a sweet couple as ever because Haru is such a sweetheart. He’s sweet, thoughtful, smart and practically perfect – something which you’ll see more about later into the story. The perfect part I mean. Your friends Ryo and Mei often quip that Haruki’s such a perfect boyfriend, so diligent in his studies, always top in his class and handsome to boot – you are so lucky to have such a boyfriend.

Haruki TanemuraYour sweet relationship is tested when a new student joins Haru’s seminar. He’s described as handsome with fine features and really smart. In actual fact, he isn’t all that handsome. Rather he’s not even handsome hahaha. So it wasn’t difficult for me to choose all the choices that chooses Haru over him. His name is Yoshihide Matsunaga, if I remember correctly haha.

Yoshihide begins to take an interest in you around the fourth chapter(?) and clearly, Haru knows it. He goes into emo mode and starts brushing you off without letting you fully explain yourself or even letting you express your feelings/worry for him. It was a little annoying that he was all emo mode and didn’t even let the MC know what was going on or what it was exactly that was bothering him. Haru’s apparently the kind that likes to solve his own problems and take things into his hands.

When the MC cries over it, worrying over the emo kid, in comes the third party Yoshihide in typical shoujo story fashion who tries to comfort her. And also in typical shoujo story fashion, Haru sees the two of you together and gets mad at YOU. Like hey, it’s not MY fault that YOU brushed me away and some other guy got to me instead.

After some angsting and depression and whatnots, you and Haru make up with each other in Chapter 7 after talking about your feelings to each other and doing your favourite routine together from the main story – looking for clovers. The two become a sweet, cute couple once more and Haru admits that he was in actual fact, very jealous of Yoshihide who seemed so much way better than him – in academics, not forgetting that he’s good-looking too – that he felt so demoralised and felt that he had to work harder in order to catch up to him. Haru seems to have a perfectionist syndrome, I might say? And he’s a self-deprecating person who beats up himself over his shortcomings. So when the new guy Yoshihide came in and took the top spot in the class, he became really depressed. This led to his reluctance and an immense lack of self confidence to meet your parents who came back to Japan for a short visit and asked to meet Haru as your boyfriend.

Of course, after talking things out with you, Haru learns that he doesn’t need to be perfect because in your eyes, you already love all of him for who he is now 🙂


My opinions/rants: This story was rather short, I’d say because it’s only 10 chapters long, as most Season 2 stories are. Haruki is the perfect boyfriend, sweet and thoughtful but he surprised me with the ‘wanting to look cool in front of your girlfriend’ thing. That ‘wanting to look cool in front of your girlfriend’ is actually pretty lame if you think about it because in wanting to look cool, Haru didn’t tell the MC about his problems and so kept them to himself. He tried to solve them himself but in the process, started pushing her away and got progressively more angry and jealous of Yoshihide who started to take the opportunities to get close to the MC and talk to her more. But other than that, Haru tries very hard to be the perfect boyfriend for his girl and understandably gets upset when he sees that he’s not good enough. So he kind of has an inferiority complex.

There are quite a few scenes of you and Haru at the river where you both like to look for clovers because it is a memorable and significant place for the two of you. I found those scenes a bit boring as they were getting a little old? I mean the MC and Haru were doing the same things there over and over again – searching for clovers. I get that it’s a significant place for them so they always go there… And because there’s nothing else to do there, they always end up searching for clovers. Hmm… okay?

The funniest moment of the whole story was a conversation with the other guys at Black Ship and I like the scenes with the guys in them because they have such easy chemistry with each other. It’d be wonderful to have such friends who can tell each other almost anything. Let’s take a look at this scene:

Screenshot_2014-03-04-00-24-07 Screenshot_2014-03-04-00-24-13 Screenshot_2014-03-04-00-24-20 Screenshot_2014-03-04-00-24-26 Screenshot_2014-03-04-00-24-32 Screenshot_2014-03-04-00-24-38 Screenshot_2014-03-04-00-24-54 Screenshot_2014-03-04-00-25-00 Screenshot_2014-03-04-00-25-06

HAHAHA these guys are just so natural with one another ^^

Overall, this is a drama story? Drama and romance with lots of angsting thrown in. I don’t dislike it but it’s rather much like a shoujo manga story. Its typical story line didn’t make it very interesting but if you like Haru and his sweet gestures and you don’t mind playing it because well it’s HARU then yeah this would be the story for you.


2 thoughts on “Dreamy Days in West Tokyo – Season 2 – Haruki Tanemura

  1. I’ve heard that Haru breaks up with the MC at the ending and right before I heard that I was about to buy the season 2 package so i’ve been looking for the season 2 reviews and I came across yours and all I gotta say is THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!! but just to get it clear and not be bothered by this at all, do they really break up at the end or no? it has literally been the only thing that has been holding me back from buying it.. but once again thank you for your review it has been a lifesaver!:)


    • Hi there Ana! I’m glad that you found my review useful, thank you to you too for coming across it ^^
      To answer your question, no, Haru doesn’t break up with the MC. They just “take a break” from each other for a while but after they make up, they’re back to being our favourite sweet couple 🙂


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