Hirunaka no Ryuusei

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I was supposed to write this review last week but due to some circumstances, I didn’t get a chance to do it. Here is a late overdue review for you guys:

Hirunaka.no.Ryuusei.Hirunaka no Ryuusei is a really interesting story with an unusual female protagonist and a typical shoujo manga story line. It is by Yamamori Mika and the genres are comedy, romance, school life, shoujo and slice of life. Let me tell you the gist of it in just a few sentences:

A country girl comes to Tokyo due to family circumstances, meets an older guy that she falls in love with, makes new school friends and eventually one of them comes to like her too. She has to sort out her feelings towards her first love who rejected her and decide on what her feelings are towards her popular classmate who has started to show his affections for her.

Similar manga(s): Tonari no Atashi (Okay it’s not completely similar but it is in the part that our protagonists like each other but eventually break it off due to one of them thinking that it’s for the greater good – noble idiocy again – and then our female protagonist gets pursued by another guy who’s usually her age and when she starts to look towards him, our male protagonist starts to get jealous and regret not holding on to her)

For the longer, detailed version:

Country girl Yosano Suzume is sent to Tokyo by her parents to live with her uncle, her mother’s brother due to her father’s working circumstances to transfer him elsewhere. Upon arriving in Tokyo, Suzume encounters a young man who prevents her from falling down after being bumped into by a passer-by. He seems friendly at first but when he starts asking her too many questions, Suzume gets uneasy and runs away from her when she sees the chance. She gets lost on her way to her uncle’s house and ends up falling asleep on a bench.

When she wakes up, she finds herself in bed and she sees a man hovering above her. He tells her that he’s her uncle Yukichi and at that moment, Suzume hears sounds and is told that it is just someone who goes over regularly. She recognises that person as the weird guy from earlier on and discovers that he was the one who had brought her to the house. She thinks to herself that he wasn’t so bad after all.

Later, Suzume discovers that the weird guy is actually a teacher in her new school. She is told that he’s already 24 years old and that he would be her class’ homeroom teacher. Due to her shy and reserved nature as well as her being unfamiliar with city life, Suzume finds it hard to mix in with her classmates. She manages to befriend with Mamura Daiki, her desk-mate with blackmail after discovering his weakness, sort of but she succeeds in making a friend (HAHA).

As the days go by, Suzume realises that Shishio sensei is rather popular and well-liked by the students – mostly due to his young good looks and care for his students. She also begins to speak more to her blackmailed ‘friend’ who relunctantly keeps up conversation with her. Their relationship doesn’t go unmissed by their classmate, Nekota Yuyuka. Yuyuka will later become one of Suzume’s best friends along with two others. The two girls’ relationship is nice to read about as they would banter back and forth in a rather comical way with Suzume being the blur one and Yuyuka being the straightforward, practical one.

Suzume finds herself falling in love with Shishio sensei and eventually confesses her love to him with help from Yuyuka who helps her reveal her beauty with makeup and the right attire. Shishio appears to reciprocate her feelings for a number of chapters but an official declaration of love or that they’re dating is never mentioned. When Suzume’s uncle Yukichi finds out that his friend might be after his niece, he confronts him about it and tells him to leave her. Knowing that this forbidden relationship between teacher and student cannot be, Shishio rejects Suzume, leaving her upset and heartbrokened. We sadly watch and Suzume’s heart break into a million pieces.

hirunaka no ryuusei 47-14 hirunaka no ryuusei 47-15 hirunaka no ryuusei 47-16 hirunaka no ryuusei 47-17

Slowly, Daiki starts to notice Suzume more and begins to fall for her. He eventually confesses to her and after some contemplation, Suzume decides to give him a chance despite not being fully over Shishio yet and still unsure about her feelings towards him.

Strangely enough, we start to see Shishio become more uncomfortable and depressed whenever he sees Suzume and Daiki together. Turns out that he actually did love Suzume but that in keeping his promise to her uncle, he broke off his relationship with her. Oh you noble weepy heroes. This is a typical shoujo fashion revelation but I still felt sad for him.

Shishio goes back to his brooding place (Yukichi’s eatery) to think about Suzume and all his decisions and what he should have done. There, his ex-girlfriend Tsubomi makes a reappearance and gives him some insight about himself and asks him if he finally realised what a useless person he is (HA). She gives him a piece of advice and he’s left to absorb it.

The next day, he finds Suzume on the rooftop again and for the first time, confesses his real feelings to her. She thinks he’s lying though and goes to Counsellor Yuyuka for advice. Yuyuka does give her solid advice and Suzume asks Daiki (who’s she’s dating by this time) to go home together. In a moment of vulnerability, she tells him not to let her go.

ย ~

This story is a very school life/slice of life story as we see Suzume grow and deal with the things people normally deal with: love, friendships, school. She learns to adapt to city life and experiences what it’s like to fall in love with someone. Suzume is very much a normal girl, a regular heroine with no special traits to her but what is likeable about her is that she’s always earnest and sincere. She never harbours any mean thoughts towards anyone and generally shows whatever she feels on her face like an open book.

I really liked Yuyuka as Suzume’s best friend because they complement each other so well. They each make up for something that the other doesn’t have and that’s what makes their relationship so wonderful. And once you get past the reason why Yuyuka treated Suzume so mean in the beginning, you realise that she’s actually an insecure person who puts on a mask to cover up her true personality so people see her as a nice, sweet girl.

As for Shishio sensei, I don’t really know what to feel about him. I do like him as a character as someone who’s kind and caring and him having double personalities too like Yuyuka. But all his selflessness and noble idiocy only made me go ARRRRGH at him for being one and making the story so slow. Still, it’s good that he came back to his senses after having them knocked into him but Tsubomi. The manga isn’t completed yet, so we have to wait and see how he’ll make his move from here on and see Suzume’s final decision.

And it’s not going to be an easy one, Story, just when I was starting to like Daiki, you mess around with an ‘enlightenment’ twist to make Shishio have a comeback. This is going to be interesting and we’ll just have to wait and see on the future chapters.

hirunaka no ryuusei 64-24 hirunaka no ryuusei 64-25 hirunaka no ryuusei 64-26 hirunaka no ryuusei 64-27

See this is why I’ve begun to start liking this pairing haha.

Art: 9/10
(Shishio Satsuki and Mamura Daiki are attractive, really and Suzume is surprisingly pretty when she lets down her hair, courtesy of Yuyuka)

Story line: 8/10
(I find this kind of story fairly enjoyable enough to read on and continue despite its typical story line. Though I don’t think I have read a manga like this with the two protagonists in a teacher-student relationship in this kind of plot line. Though of course there are MANY teacher-student mangas.)

Chapter length: 7/10ย 
(Simply because each chapter is roughly 26 pages plus, minus. But strangely, they didn’t feel short. I guess that’s what you get when it’s a good story and the length of the chapters feel just right)


14 thoughts on “Hirunaka no Ryuusei

      • I like Mamura! At first I thought I was being bias, but after I read it all again, I definitely like him best! I don’t mind sensei, but I think he needs to get his shit together first – if he was just straight forward, everything would be all g D:
        how about you??


      • I was rooting for sensei right from the start, but then he started being the ‘noble idiot’ to keep his promise to Yukichi and after that Mamura became so adorable with Suzume that I started rooting for him hahaha ^^
        Yup I totally agree with you on sensei getting his act together to be honest and straightforward with himself


      • Haha yay! ^_^
        Yep! It really annoys me that he’s following his feelings now… Like, she’s in a relationship.

        Do you read ao haru ride ?


      • Hahaha we’ll just have to wait and see who Suzume chooses in the end! ^^

        Yup I read Ao Haru Ride! It’s been kind of slow but recently, I think it’s picked up its pace


      • Oh, you’re right! I never thought of that ^^

        It’s strange but in Ao Haru Ride’s case, I’m rooting for Kou to get Futaba back because I don’t really have an attachment to Touma.


      • Is that so? Haha I like both! Touma is so cute!! But there’s just something about Kou that I love! Haha
        I think Futuba will end up with Kou though.


      • Yup it seems like that she’ll end up with Kou eventually. I think once Kou stops hesitating and starts to take action, Futaba will notice him again. I just hope she doesn’t take too long to make her decision as many shoujo female leads do for a good 10+ chapters.

        It’s annoying when the mangakas wait it out so long before letting the characters make a pivotal decision to finally let the story develop ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


      • Hahaha! I don’t usually drop mangas I get started on unless they’re really draggy and I don’t feel any attachment to the characters anymore. An example is Sugar Family and Ultimate Venus. They were both totally disappointing for two mangas that seemed promising.


  1. What do you guys think about the ending? after reading the ending somehow I understand why this manga doesn’t have anime or live action. I was so eager to follow the story because i thought the plot is interesting but the way this mangaka solved all “problem” at the end is too much for me. I was thinking that this mangaka definitely is a clever one cos she decided to come up with students-teacher love triangle and stuffs so she must had such a exciting ending thou *sad*. I read Cat Street manga and was so satisfied with the plot twist at the end ( if anybody read already will know what I mean ) but not for this manga, i don’t feel it. Plus, i thought i was reading 2 mangas at the same time while reading Hirukana no Ryuusei since it looks like it was split in two completely different parts. I’m not buying the end of chapter 78 at all. *crying out loud*. Now that’s why Ao Haru Ride has quite similar main male lead character (slow & draggy on making moves) but still managed to get itself an anime series and upcoming live action. Just because of one thing people, one thing!!!!!!


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