Live-action movies alert!

In addition to my earlier post, I decided to do an update post for the shoujo genre lovers out there in case you guys (or girls) are unaware of it.

Those of you who loved Sukitte ii na yo, Ao Haru Ride and L-DK, the live-action movies will be out soon! Or rather, one is already out but I can’t seem to find a download of it with English subtitles 😦

The one that’s already out is L-DK and lemme tell you, I’m so excited to get my hands (or rather, cursor) on a download/torrent of one with ENGLISH SUBS. The actor acting as the school’s prince, Kugayama Shuusei is so attractive with his young baby face – it suits his character.



This was released on April 12 and it’s already been over a month so… why aren’t there any torrents/download links with English subs D:

Okay enuff of me lamenting, on to the details of the movie. Here’s our cast for L-DK:

Nishimori Aoi:Β GourikiΒ Ayame
Kugayama Shuusei: Yamazaki Kento
Shibuya Moe: Okamoto Rei
Sanjo Wataru: Kiriyama Ren
Mizuno Satsuki: Ishibashi Anna
Kugayama Souju: Fukushi Seiji

And for our next movie, Sukitte ii na yo is already famous and popular with its manga AND its own anime. Click here for my anime review of Sukitte ii na yo. This movie is going to have high expectations. This story is sweet and lovely but it’s currently kind of slow right now at this point in the manga. There isn’t much action or excitement and the characters now seem kind of fizzed out, if you know what I mean. But I still would want to watch the live-action movie to see the story being acted out.

This movie isn’t out yet and it’s scheduled to be released on July 12. I can’t wait.

The actors and actresses didn’t strike my attention but that’s fine by me. For this story, it was the relationship and chemistry between Mei and Yamato that got me hooked onto it right from the start.

Sukitte ii na yo


Tachibana Mei: Kawaguchi Haruna
Kurosawa Yamato: Fukushi Shota
Takemura Kai: Ichikawa Tomohiro
Muto Aiko: Adashi Rika
Nakanishi Kenji: Nagase Tasuku
Oikawa Asami: Nishizaki Rima
Tachikawa Masashi: Yamamoto Ryosuke
Kitagawa Megumi: Yagi Arisa

Two more months to go for one of my favourite manga stories (Y)

And finally, we come to the third live-action movie adapted from yet another shoujo manga: Ao Haru Ride. Ao Haru Ride has a relatively slow story line, similar to Sakisaka Io’s previous manga, Strobe Edge. I guess the slow relationship development story route is more realistic because in real life people don’t just jump into relationships immediately (or do they…?) but instead hesitate a lot before something pushes them into a resolve to confess their feelings for one another.

Because of the slow pace of Sakisaka Io’s stories, I wonder what the movie will be like. But I guess all the characters have to do is just dither and brood and hesitate a lot isn’t it? It’s not that I don’t like her stories though – I just prefer stories with a little more action.

Ao Haru Ride


Ao Haru Ride is set to be released sometime in December and I hope the show will be a good complement to its manga since it doesn’t have an anime of its own.


Yoshioka Futaba: Honda Tsubasa
Mabuchi Kou: Higashide Masahiro
Kikuchi Touma: Chiba Yudai
Narumi Yui: Takahata Mitsuki
Murao Shuuko: Shinkawa Yua
Kominato Aya: Yoshizawa Ryo
Makita Yuri: Fujimoto Izumi

So there we have it! The three live-adaptation movies of three wonderful shoujo mangas of 2014. πŸ™‚

Also, please do tell me where I can find L-DK with English subtitles if you know where to find it, I’ll be grateful to you forevermore haha (Y)


16 thoughts on “Live-action movies alert!

  1. L-DK’s probably not out yet on DVD and maybe that’s why there’s no torrent yet? This is exactly like when I waited ages for the DVD vrs of Bokura Ga Ita live action :’)
    It’s gonna be a tough wait haha! I’m still waiting on The Liar and His Lover which was released Dec 2013 :’)


    • Oh noooo 😱 That’s sad, looks like I have no choice but to just wait. I guess waiting for someone to english sub it immediately is different from torrenting American movies. Thank you for your help though! πŸ™‚


      • Apparently L-DK will be released in Sept this year b/c Japan has this practice of realising DVDs 6months after the cinema release (?!)

        Hopefully Sept will be here before we know it haha! πŸ˜€

        I’m just super in the mood to watch some shoujo live action adaptions aaaaaah :’)


      • Me too, I really want to watch some shoujo live adaptations of manga that I love too! Omg thank you so much for sharing that with me you’ve been a great help ^^


    • i have downloaded the ldk movie with english sub!! its amazing…. you can download it in enjoy watching!!! πŸ˜‰


  2. Thank you so much for the link you gave as to where we can get the english subs Tiffie! ^~^

    I think Sukitte ii na yo will only be released on DVD in December/January since as Courtney has mentioned above, Japan has a practice of releasing DVDs 6 months after the cinema release. So since it was released in July, we can expect it to be out for torrent then.

    In the meantime, we’ll just have to wait and occupy ourselves with other manga and anime πŸ™‚


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