Anata ni Hana O Sasagemashou

Hey guys!

Welcome back to another manga review post! I apologise for being MIA the last two weeks, kind of, I was preoccupied with… things.

ANYWAY. I read this manga quite a while ago and I thought that I’d review it but didn’t get down to it until today. Its story line surprised me because it’s the kind of story whereby you read the synopsis and think “Meh, doesn’t sound interesting enough, I’m going to put this aside” but when you actually, really get down to reading it, you get so drawn into the story and you start thinking, “I didn’t expect to like it so much, this is really good!”

Anata ni Hana O Sasagemashou is the second manga I’ve read from Ohmi Tomu, the first being Midnight Secretary. I felt that Anata ni Hana O Sasagemashou was more worth reviewing about simply because I felt that I’d enjoyed it more and that even though Midnight Secretary was just as enjoyable to read too, it wasn’t very special.

Anata ni Hana O Sasagemashou‘s genres are drama, josei, romance, smut and supernatural. Seri is a 22-year-old young woman who is betrothed to the son of a noble family, Furumidou Yuzuki ever since she was 10. This betrothal was a solution to benefit both families as the Hatanaka family is rich but does not possess much social status. The Furumidou family, on the other hand, possess status but have no money.

Seri, however, doesn’t want to be married that way, her reason being that she wants to marry someone whom she loves and that she does not want to be coerced into something against her will. (Right from the start, I like her character as she shows herself to be an independent woman who won’t just accept things as they are as she is determined to take her own future into her own hands). Her parents and Yuzuki’s parents hardly listen to her though (HAHA), heaping praises on her on how she’s a perfect match for Yuzuki and how much they’d love her to be his bride.

Seri is taken to the Furumidou family home, which she would be living in with Yuzuki after she gets married and there, she has an encounter with the supernatural. She meets Yuzuki’s ghostly ancestors and finds out about the curse of the Furumidou sons.

The curse is that the few sons that the Furumidou family bear tend to die young, mostly because of freak accidents. However, no one knows who cast it or why it was cast. The ghosts of the ancestors stuck around after their deaths in a mission to keep the next Furumidou son safe but they have been unsuccessful so far. The oldest ghost ancestor, Lord Haruhisa tells Seri that Yuzuki is the first son born in three generations and therefore, they must keep him safe, which explains why they hang around him so much. Funnily enough, Seri is afraid of ghosts despite knowing that they mean no harm and so shivers and jumps in shock whenever she sees them doing ghostly things such as disappearing or suddenly appearing out of nowhere.

anata_ni_hana_o_sasagemashou 2-23 anata_ni_hana_o_sasagemashou 2-24

Despite trying her best not to fall in love with Yuzuki just because he’s her fiance, Seri does and she realises this pretty fast. She confesses to Yuzuki that she loves him and the two proceed with their wedding preparations, now an official couple. Soon, strange things start to happen around Yuzuki and Seri as the curse begins to act up, directly/boldly attacking Yuzuki in the form of a possessed host or a minor earthquake. However, Yuzuki is unhurt from these events with the presence of Seri, who mysteriously has an ability to chase away the attacks of the curse. These events spur on the two to go on a mission to uncover the origin of the curse and find a way to break it, meeting friends and foes along the way.

What is the original curse of the Furumidou family? Who caused it? What is the reason behind Seri’s ability to protect Yuzuki from the curse’s attacks? And will Seri and Yuzuki finally break the curse, effectively ending the curse of the Furumidou sons?

I highly enjoyed Anata ni Hana O Sasagemashou because its story line constantly kept me on my toes: What’s going to happen next? Will Yuzuki get into an accident in a matter of time? What is the reason behind Seri’s ability? What is this curse about? Why has it continued on for so long? All these questions keep me reading, hoping that the next chapter gives me the answers or at least some clues to figuring out the puzzle.

I feel that this story is one that I can read over and over again in the future because:

1. It isn’t too long for a re-read round because it only has 20 chapters

2. It’s funny and the romance is just right. Or rather, the balance of everything is just right. The amount of mystery, the amount of romance, the amount of comedy and the amount of angsting is all well-balanced.

3. The characters are highly likeable. Seri is a strong, independent woman and Yuzuki is a strong, silent type who is very dedicated to his fiancee/wife and will risk anything for her to keep her safe.

Not forgetting to mention, the art is beautiful. I don’t have many complaints about this manga, which is why I wanted to review it. Tell me what you think of Anata ni Hana O Sasagemashou and I’ll see you guys in another review post soon 🙂

Art: 10/10

Story line: 10/10

Chapter length: 9/10 (within a range of 37-42 pages)



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