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I’m back from a hiatus, I guess you could call it that, because I took a break since I went overseas a few weeks ago and then when I came back, I wanted to catch up on all my anime episodes and other things so I kept postponing writing a manga review. But I was still active on Instagram, so if you’re interested in seeing sweet/funny anime and manga scenes, please do follow Scene Catch!

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Namaikizakari is rather short as it’s still ongoing. I suppose it’s quite a new manga too. I found out about Namaikizakari through mangafox on Facebook and I was drawn in by the attractive drawings of the characters. After reading the first two chapters, I got the setting that this was a story of an older girl and a younger guy and was quite pleased with it. Recently, I’ve been into stories whereby the guy is younger than the girl and this immediately jumped in front of my manga list along with a few others like Cosplay Animal and Ano Ko no, Toriko. Please do recommend me stories if you know of any, whereby the male protagonist is younger than the female protagonist! 🙂

Namaikizakari has ideal characters: a female protagonist that’s tsundere, I would say and a popular and handsome younger male protagonist who is the one of the basketball club’s aces. With attractive art on top of all that, you get a really ideal shoujo story ready to attract tons of young girls. This manga is written and drawn by Miyuki Mitsubachi and its genres are romance, school life, shoujo and sports.

NamaikizakariMachida Yuki is a second year high school student who is the manager of the basketball club. On her first day of school in her second year, she meets Naruse Shou in the most unexpected way – him grabbing her breasts accidentally after being pushed by a friend from behind. Yuki maintains her expression, not having much of a reaction, other than internally hating this new freshman.

In the basketball club, Yuki is the epitome of a perfect manager. She keeps the basketball court clean all the time, stays back after everyone goes home to make sure that everything is in order, diligently keeps track of the club’s performance after each practice and so on.

We find out that she joined the basketball club as its manager in order to be near the captain, named Kido because he had helped her out before, telling her to take up other people’s offer to help instead of doing things herself. But not long after, Kido found himself a girlfriend who he describes as “cute as a little rabbit” and Yuki is seen visibly upset.

She is discovered crying by herself by Shou, who pieces together that she likes the captain. When she tells him not to say anything about it, Shou replies blatantly that he can keep it a secret if she would let him touch her breasts again LOL. By this point, we get the idea that Shou is the younger, handsome, perverted male protagonist kind of character.

Later, whenever Yuki sees situations that involve Kido and his girlfriend, Shou would “save” her by distracting her, such as dropping his porn magazine on her head and taking her away on a “date” to escape an awkward situation involving Kido and his girlfriend. Though not explicitly mentioned, I’m pretty sure that she felt somewhat or even slightly thankful for being distracted. Shou confesses to Yuki that he’s fallen for her at the end of the first chapter. He then goes on to show signs of interest in Yuki in his own way, staying behind with her, doing acts of kindness towards her indirectly and even springing surprise kisses on her.

Will our perfect, serious, stoic-faced female heroine’s cold exterior be cracked by the cocky young junior? Read this funny and lovely manga to find out.

namaikizakari c3 p27 namaikizakari c3 p28

Now that I’m re-reading Namaikizakari a second time, I realised that Yuki is very much like Elsa from everyone’s beloved Frozen. Both characters are very controlled and closed. With closed feelings to conceal what they truly feel in order to maintain a perfect exterior, they have this somewhat unapproachable aura around them. Despite their perfect exterior, both actually work really hard to keep up the facade and are truly lonely inside because no one understands them. So here we have a somewhat damaged, misunderstood and lonely heroine.

Naruse Shou is the handsome, perverted, younger guy character who falls in love with our heroine and I like his character; it suits Yuki’s rock-like character. Such a daring character is needed to break and thaw her character and heal it. Even if it means being blatantly perverted.

I like this older girl – younger guy pairing because I find that in order to get the girls, the younger guys have to work harder to prove that they’re serious about their girls and that they’re not just messing with them. Especially if the guy is popular and handsome. I mean, if you’re young, popular and handsome, why would you go for a partner who is older than you and may not be as popular or even attractive? I’m talking about a few years apart, not more than five. I don’t really understand this myself, but it’s fascinating.

Namaikizakari made a good impression and now I can’t wait to read the chapters that will follow. Hopefully the translators love it enough to translate them as fast as they can too 🙂

Art: 10/10

Story line: 8/10 (We don’t know much of the story line yet since there are currently only five chapters but I’m guessing that it won’t disappoint ^^)

Chapter length: 7/10 (Within a range of 27 to 47)


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  1. “Sensei ha Orenomono” would have to be one of my favorite romantic mangas. I was never really interested in the ‘student/teacher’ romance genera, but this one I like a lot! With a timid older school-nurse and a younger handsome student, this might be what your looking for. ❤


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