Movies can be way simpler than you think

Hey guys!

I know that I only did my last review yesterday so what I’m writing now won’t be a review. This is an account of a conversation I had with my brother last night, while we were listening to Disney songs and discussing them. It was really funny so I would like to share this with you guys ^^

My brother and I love Disney songs, but my brother has a few he prefers over the rest. Namely, the songs from The Hunchback of Notredame, The Lion King, Thumbelina and Beauty and the Beast. I love the songs from these soundtracks too so last night, the two of us were listening to “Prince Ali” from Aladdin and “Let Me Be Your Wings” from Thumbelina that followed after.

While I was listening to Thumbelina‘s “Follow Your Heart”, sung by the swallow Jacquimo, a realisation hit me.

Jacquimo is a swallow and if Thumbelina is the size of a thumb (look at your thumb and imagine a little girl that size), he can easily carry her weight and fly her to anywhere, including home. Here’s the thing, during “Follow Your Heart”, Jacquimo vows to find the fairy prince as well as the Vale of the Fairies for Thumbelina (which doesn’t sound so bad at first) but then near the end of the show after a whole lot of drama, we see Jacquimo carrying Thumbelina on his back, flying her to the Vale of the Fairies.

Thumbelina 1

No shit, Sherlock LOL

If Jacquimo could do exactly that, why couldn’t he have flown her home right after he had found her on that lily pad?  It would cut the story (and the movie) way shorter and save all the characters who were involved in helping Thumbelina find her way home a whole lot of trouble. But then that would show us that the story of Thumbelina wasn’t very good right?


I told this to my brother, who laughed and said, “What about Lord of the Rings too? Why didn’t they just get the eagles to fly them up over the volcano? Then they wouldn’t have to do all that walking.”


Well if the eagles did that, there wouldn’t be much of a story to tell too right? Everything would just be cut short and it’d save a bunch of characters a whole lot of trouble.


(Screengrabs credited to Hishe’s How Lord of The Rings Should Have Ended)

But these stories are loved for the way they are and that’s just the way it is. People love drama and a lot of angsting in a story. Without the situation for it, there wouldn’t be character development now, would there? And we would never have a peek into our characters’ personalities in different situations and never really understand them.

What do you think? Are there any other stories that you think the characters had an easier way out but didn’t use, which would save us all the drama?


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