Haru Matsu Bokura

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Welcome back to another manga review post! I know I took quite a long break, sorry about that ><

I was having difficulty finding good material to write about because for some reason, all the manga that I’ve been reading lately haven’t been leaving a good impression on me. Some are intriguing enough for me to continue reading so I do, but once I reach its latest chapter, I feel kind of lost, like I could finally easily detach myself from it. And I don’t really want to put in effort to write negative reviews for you guys. So today, I’m going to write a positive review about one of the few good ones that I’ve read recently.

Haru Matsu Bokura 2Haru Matsu Bokura is written and illustrated by Anashin. The genres are Romance, School Life and Shoujo. I really enjoyed reading this manga, simply because it reminded me of Hana Yori Dango by Kamio Youko, sans violent bullying. So without further ado, let’s get to the review.

Haruno Mitsuki is a high school freshman who has problems socialising with her classmates. Wanting to change herself in high school, she chose a school far away from her house but going to a faraway school had a new set of problems for her: everyone in her class went to the same middle school and thus already know each other.

Mitsuki learns about the attractive boys from the basketball club: Wakamiya Kyousuke, Tada Ryuuji, Miyamoto Rui and Asakura Towa after watching a crowd of fangirls crowd around the school gym to watch their basketball practice. She goes to her part-time job at a cafe and gets called out by one of the attractive basketball players from earlier, Rui. He brings the other three basketball players over and one of them shyly and awkwardly begins to make his confession before stopping abruptly – “IT’S NOT HER!!” he yells XD

The other three start to make rude comments about Mitsuki RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER, things like how she doesn’t look like a goddess, that she’s too plain-looking, that there were plenty of girls of her level in school. They even have the audacity to ask her to bring the “cuter sales clerk” at the store over. And so, Nanase (or Nana-chan, as Mitsuki calls her) goes out and returns, telling Mitsuki that she rejected the confession. She goes back to the store front and sees all four guys there. She learns from the owner that they would be coming over whenever their practice lets them off early.

Mitsuki broods over it on her way home, thinking that if that happens, her beloved place (the cafe) would be invaded and all their fangirls would storm the place too. Asakura Towa, one of the basketball members who is from her class sees her walking and recognises that he’s seen her before. They begin to talk and Mitsuki makes Towa promise not to let his group’s fans follow them and find out about the cafe because it is precious to her. In return, she would not tell anyone about Ryuuji liking Nanase because the basketball team members are forbidden to get into relationships.

Over time, Mitsuki realises that Towa kept his promise. She begins to open up to him about her personal problems about socialising with others. From then on, the four guys became Mitsuki’s friends. Although she’s happy with her new friends, Mitsuki longs to have female friends and befriends a girl from her class named Yamada Reina, who is a huge fan of the famous four from the basketball team. Not wanting to receive the wrath of Reina, as well as the fangirls, she begins to distance herself from them.

One day, seeing her walk down the hallway with Reina, Towa decides to confront her about it. He calls her by her first name and grabs her arm, causing Reina to feel hurt and run away. Mitsuki explains that she wanted to tell Reina about her relationship with the guys only after her friendship with her was more stable. Towa understands and Mitsuki tries to explain that they are her precious friends too and doesn’t wish to lose them. They come to an agreement that Mitsuki would tell Reina about her relationship with the guys and surpringly, Reina takes it well and the two become good friends.

As Mitsuki spends more time with the four guys, she begins to fall in love with Towa as he starts to show her small gestures and acts of consideration towards her.

haru matsu bokura c3p28 haru matsu bokura c3p29

How will her love turn out? Will they be reciprocated? Read this manga to find out.

I really like this story because of its innocent, sweet romance. The characters are beautifully drawn and the idea of four attractive guys somewhat “dominating” the school in the sense that they have so much influence, is really like the F4 of Hana Yori Dango. These guys are the F4 of Haru Matsu Bokura then hahaha.

The story idea isn’t new so it may be uninteresting to most people as it’s basically like this:

1. Girl has problems socialising with others, is a loner

2. Girl somehow becomes friends with the F4 of the school.

3. Girl gets perks/privileges being their friends

4. Girl falls in love with one of them

The story hasn’t gone that far yet, having only five released chapters at the moment but I’m pretty sure we can guess what the next part will be like. Clichéd story, nothing new. But what makes me like it to continue reading are the interactions between Mitsuki and the people around her. Seeing her grow as a person, learning to discover new things about herself is really heartwarming.

In addition, we’re introduced to a past friend of Mitsuki’s, Aya-chan who seems to be of importance in later chapters. We’re gonna have to look out for this character very soon because I smell another cliché plot coming up.

Also again, the pretty art of the manga. The comedy in the story is pretty good too, with certain comedic characters providing the right kind of “funny” in certain scenes.

Art: 9/10 

Story line: 8/10 (Because it is clichéd and quite predictable. But if you don’t mind it so much like me then it’s fine to go ahead and read this)

Chapter length: 9/10 (Within a range of 35-51)

So that’s all I have for today’s review on Haru Matsu Bokura! Leave your comments down below on what you think of the manga if you’ve already read it too, or if you have any thoughts on it after reading my review on it. I’ll see you in the next review post, which may have a chance of being an otome game review post so do stick around and I’ll see you soon 🙌


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