Final Thoughts: Dengeki Daisy

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Welcome back to yet another Final Thoughts post and this time we see the completion and end of yet another brilliant shoujo manga series. I’ve followed Dengeki Daisy ever since 2013 when my friend recommended it to me. I’ve always found the story to be quite tech-y what with all the computer knowledge information included in the story because the story revolves around computer system hacking and stuff but always enjoyable to read because of the relationship between our two protagonists, Teru and Tasuku. It seems to me that either Motomi Kyousuke must have some computer technological skills or she did A LOT of IT research in order to be able to write such a story surrounding it hahaha.

Dengeki.Daisy.600.1487354Back in 2013, I wrote a review for Dengeki Daisy but here’s a brief summary on it:

Dengeki Daisy is the story about a young girl, Kurebayashi Teru who is left alone after the passing of her beloved older brother Souichirou. Before he passed away, Souichirou gave Teru a handphone telling her that someone named “Daisy” would look after her and protect her no matter what.

Over the years as Teru exchanges correspondence with “Daisy” back and forth, she begins to develop trust for him even though she has never seen him before. “Daisy” is encouraging and sweet and because of that, he becomes special to Teru.

Later, Teru meets the school’s new janitor, Kurosaki Tasuku who makes her his servant after she accidentally breaks a window . Kurosaki is mean and sarcastic but in actual fact, he is only putting up a front for reasons that are later revealed. Teru gradually finds herself drawn to Kurosaki and in spite of herself, falls in love with him. Excited over this new feeling, she confides in “Daisy” her crush, who in fact turns out to be Kurosaki himself.

Although eventually, it becomes clear that Teru and Kurosaki have affections for each other, their relationship doesn’t start off smooth-sailing due to Kurosaki’s dark past. Another situation that comes their way throws them and their friends into turmoil, a subject named “M’s Testament”, which involves a young boy named Akira and several formidable foes who are bent on destroying him.

I think I’m pretty satisfied at Dengeki Daisy‘s ending. Though I wish more was expanded on Teru and Kurosaki’s relationship, like maybe a timeskip scene, I think Motomi Kyousuke felt that it was not needed because as it is right now, we can pretty much imagine what it’d be like and whatever we imagine them to be like is perfectly fine. And maybe she also didn’t think that drawing Teru and Kurosaki in a timeskip scene would be doable for her because it’s just hard to imagine it and put it down in concrete forms. I mean, Kurosaki is eight years older than Teru after all, guys.

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Other than that, I think the ending was rounded off pretty well. Akira was saved, Teru and Kurosaki managed to get out of the island alive and Kurosaki’s promise to protect her now and forever still remains. I thought it was really sweet that the author ended off the series with Kurosaki’s affirmation to Teru that it is his duty to protect her and so he would be following her wherever she goes. It kind of reaffirms the reader’s belief that yes, these two were meant for each other and reminds us once again that this is the sweet, loving couple that we all have come to love through the chapters) The mystery to Anthra and motives remained unanswered but as Teru said, “What his goals were… Why he was there or what he was thinking… I wonder if we will ever find out. However, we can also just let it end without knowing!”

So I guess those questions aren’t important… But you know it would still be good to find out haha ^~^

In conclusion for the story of Dengeki Daisy, it is basically a romance story with elements of mystery, deceit and drama mixed in it. The theme that the story continuously reiterates again and again is trust and that your family and friends are your greatest allies. Although seemingly dark at certain points in the story, the affected characters are always saved time and time again by the love and care shown unto them. If I had to read it all over again, I’d gladly do it 🙂


Character-wise, I don’t have much complaints or rants because the entire cast was well designed. Although eight years apart in age, Teru is pretty mature in her thinking and is often Kurosaki’s pillar of support and his partner. She doesn’t see herself as a victim who is weak and has to constantly wait for rescue, despite what other people might think. She has even been referred to as Kurosaki’s princess but she’s proven that though a princess-y as one might think, she’s no pushover and that’s what’s amazing and admirable about her.

Even though Kurosaki seems to be Teru’s knight and bodyguard, constantly running to her rescue to retrieve her, he is actually quite vulnerable on the inside and always fears losing her. As she is his pillar of support and practically everything that means to him, Kurosaki is a loyal knight who shows undying devotion to his princess, a wonderful character that I have immensely enjoyed reading.

As for the other characters like Riko, Andy and Master, as well as Teru’s friends, I think they provided great character support – they all had their strengths and weaknesses but they always relied on each other and trusted that none of them would betray them all. I don’t have many memorable scenes in my head right now about any of them except just one. It was about Riko and Souichirou and I found it really touching as I read it and so I’ll share it with you all here:


And with that, I’m pretty much done with my final thoughts on Dengeki Daisy, yet another great shoujo series that has just wrapped up. With so many of my current favourite series wrapping up, I think I’d better start looking for more material to read and follow! I’m glad that I’ve followed the characters through their sadness, heartache and pain as well as their happiness and joy. It has been an amazing journey and I can’t wait to see Motomi Kyousuke’s next series. Hopefully, it’ll be just as great or even greater than Dengeki Daisy, who knows?

Let me know what are your thoughts on the ending of Dengeki Daisy in the comments below and until then, I’ll see you all again next time!


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