Anime and Manga Amino

Hey guys!

So recently through another anime blogger, I discovered the existence of an anime community platform app called “Anime and Manga Amino”. I decided to give it a go and began deleting things off my phone so it could accommodate the predicted large space required by the app.

The Last Naruto the MovieAfter browsing through it for a while, I found that I really liked it and enjoyed reading what people were writing about – either about anime or manga or even Japanese games (I think). I decided to write a post there earlier on to talk about my movie experience while watching The Last: Naruto the Movie and I think you’ll be able to see more of my posts over there in time to come.

I find the community at Anime and Manga Amino vibrant and the people there are quick on the latest anime updates too. For one, I found out about the plans for Boruto’s upcoming movie, as well as the new Naruto art from there pretty quick. The people there are also rather interactive, always blogging about their favourite manga or anime and sharing with others their thoughts on various popular series.

If you love anime and manga and want to be in the know of the latest updates, join the community! (The community is more anime-centered but you do see posts on manga here and there) Also, don’t forget to follow me for some of my personal thoughts on various anime and manga there hahaha 😉

As for the blogger who reviewed the Anime and Manga Amino, her name is Shay and her website is written in a very personal way, filled with anime reviews and her thoughts on her favourite anime. She’s really friendly and you can check out her website here.

To read my post that’s up on Anime and Manga Amino, click here.
And that’s all for now I’ll see you guys again very soon, bye!


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