The Last: Naruto the Movie

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Welcome back to another review post! This review has taken quite a while to be up so it shan’t be delayed any longer. (Ugh I just realised that WordPress changed the interface of writing a new post and I can’t go back to using the old version. I really preferred the old version though)

So it’s been a while since The Last: Naruto the Movie ended its screening in the cinemas now and this review might be off its timeliness but I’m going to write it anyway because I really loved the movie and would like to share my opinions with you guys.

The Last: Naruto the Movie had pretty pricey tickets to view it but considering that I managed to bag two of the four premium gifts handed out to its moviegoers, I shan’t complain. I was literally over the moon when I got my hands on the movie poster that I had wanted so much. Oh yeah I should also bear in mind that it isn’t very good to watch a movie on the last day of its screening – and its last screening at that. You hope that the cinema wouldn’t be so filled up and crowded because it’s the last day but on the contrary, the cinema was 3/4 full. It was terrible to be surrounded by so many noisy fangirls who wouldn’t stop talking throughout the show and have your seat being kicked for about half the show by some kid sitting behind you who probably doesn’t understand anything about the show. Oh well to carry on reading my rant about my The Last: Naruto the Movie experience you can click here.

So back to the review!


The Last Naruto the MovieThe Last: Naruto the Movie is a love story, as Kishimoto Masashi intended it to be. It takes place between the last two chapters of the manga and tells the story of Naruto and Hinata and how he eventually reciprocates her feelings which eventually culminates in their marriage. The story starts off by showing us how Hinata first began to have feelings towards Naruto back when they were children when he defended her from three bullies. In doing so, the red scarf that he wore was destroyed and he lets Hinata keep it since it has been ruined.

The scene shifts back to present day where Naruto is now considered to be the village’s hero and idol to the juniors. Hinata knits a red scarf, reminiscent of his old one to give to him along with her confession. However, when she sees three young girls surrounding him all the while fawning over him, she decides not to do so and leaves. She ends up in front of Naruto’s house and practices her confession. When Naruto returns home, she notices that he’s already wearing a scarf and assumes that it was a present given to him by one of his fangirls. Upset, she runs off and ends up at the playground, where she encounters a mysterious man named Otsutsuki Toneri who claims that he has come for her and renders her unconscious.

Naruto sees Hinata being kidnapped and immediately gives chase. A fight ensues and he manages to retrieve Hinata but in the midst of the fight, Hinata’s scarf for Naruto gets ruined. The two witness a meteor come crashing down just outside Konoha. It is later revealed that pieces of the moon are falling out of orbit down on to Earth and if nothing is done soon, the moon itself will break apart and come crashing down, killing all life on it.

the last naruto the movie screencap 1Kakashi, as the Sixth Hokage gives Naruto, Sai, Shikamaru, Sakura and Hinata a mission to rescue Hyuuga Hinabi, Hinata’s sister who was kidnapped by Toneri. The team sets off to track down Toneri’s location and throughout their journey, Naruto learns more of Hinata’s feelings for him and how they go way back from when they were children. Realising his feelings for her, as well as her intentions to give him a scarf, he stops wearing his own. During their search for Toneri, Naruto and Hinata encounter the man himself once again who proposes to Hinata for a second time. Hinata rejects the proposal and tells Toneri to return her her sister so Toneri gives her a deal: he would spare both her and Hanabi and eventually return Hanabi her Byakugan if she accepts his proposal. He tells her that he will return again to hear her answer before he gets defeated by Naruto and is revealed to be a puppet.

The team later finds out that the destruction of the moon has been orchestrated by Toneri and Hinata finds out that Toneri has misinterpreted Hamura’s will and that only she can stop him and destroy the Tenseigan. When Toneri comes for her a third time, she willingly goes with him despite it being in front of Naruto to save Hanabi. She leaves Naruto with a new red scarf that she had knitted for him but Naruto refuses to let her go without putting up a fight. The impact of the fight destroys a massive part of the moon, as well as Hinata’s scarf again and Naruto is knocked out.

Naruto falls into depression over losing Hinata but manages to get back up with his resolve to save her and Hanabi with encouragement from Sai, Shikamaru and Sakura. The four invade Toneri’s moon base and quickly split up to do different tasks: one to find Hanabi and the other to save Hinata.

Both teams succeed in their tasks and Hinata together with Naruto manages to destroy the Tenseigan energy vessel. However things are not over yet as Toneri manages to unlock the Tenseigan. He engages Naruto into battle and a huge epic fight ensues. Back on Earth, the ninjas are holding up the best they can and A has revealed that he has in his possession a super-powered weapon that he can use to blow up the moon. Just before he can fire it against the other Kages will, they are informed that Kurama is writing on the surface of the moon and that what he has written is the symbol for “Mission Completed”.

tumblr_ng9qdjEAVQ1rg078do1_500With danger averted, Sai, Shikamaru, Sakura, Hinata and Naruto have saved the planet. The movie then shows us shots of Naruto and Hinata’s wedding, as well as a post-credits scene of Naruto, Hinata and their two children playing in the snow.

Okay so that took way longer that it should have heheh. Without further ado, let’s move on to my thoughts on the movie.

the last naruto the movie screencap 2

There’s so much good in this movie, really. If you love Naruto and you’re a Naruhina fan, you’ll simply love this story because

1. It’s the first and only film to be an official part of the canon Naruto storyline

2. This story is all about Naruhina and their love story. They’re the stars of the show, really.

As for the storyline, no matter how incredulous and cheesy it might sound, like how some guy just shows up from nowhere (Otsutsuki Toneri) suddenly wants the power of the Byakugan and wants to marry the Byakugan Princess on top of that and destroy Earth, it is all forgiven and overlooked because why? Because I get to see more of Naruto and Hinata as well as the rest of the Naruto cast and be once again immersed into its ninja world.

The supporting characters that return in this movie are fantastic and it’s great to see them all back. What I especially love about this movie are the quirks from them, especially Sai and Shikamaru – have those two been polishing up their sarcasm during the timeskip? There were so many comical scenes throughout the movie and it’s great to see that the movie managed to strike a balance between the romance, action and comical scenes, making it a very all-rounded show for people of all ages to watch (though if you know nuts about the Naruto universe there’s not much point in watching, really).

the last naruto the movie screencap 5As for the fighting scenes, they were simply amazing. Whenever a fight came up on screen, there was this wow factor about it that would leave me mesmerised by it and in awe. Maybe I was just stunned and captured because it was my first time seeing Naruto so powerful, creating and throwing orange coloured Rasengans (yes, I haven’t reached the part in the anime where he gets Kurama’s friendship and joins the war on a larger scale). I also think the audio was amazing, the sound effects were appropriately toned to create the effect of explosions and impact. In fact, there was one explosion that was so loud and screeching that the girl sitting next to me actually covered her ears because it was that loud.

the last sasukeMany people were talking about Sasuke and his appearance in the movie so I was looking forward to seeing him and his role in The Last but let me tell you, Sasuke’s role in the movie is almost a joke. The poor guy had only three appearances in the movie, two of which were less than three seconds and the third being less than 10 seconds with only one line about him protecting Konoha if Naruto isn’t there. So many moviegoers were moaning about Sasuke’s pathetic movie appearance hahaha! Oh well I really would’ve wanted to see more of Sasuke and Sakura’s relationship and how that worked out too but then The Last: Naruto the Movie wouldn’t be a Naruhina movie, as it was intended to be.

I enjoyed watching the movie immensely and I think everyone else did too, because everyone in the cinema stayed till the very end. It was as though the wedding scenes weren’t enough and we wanted something more. Sure enough, we were rewarded for our patience and out came the really sweet and adorable post-credits scene of the Uzumaki family having fun in the snow.

As usual, here’s my overall rating for the show: 9/10 

And rewatchability: 10/10

What did you guys think of The Last: Naruto the Movie? Which were your favourite parts and why? Let me know in the comments below! I can’t wait for June/July for the movie to be released; waiting for torrents for Japanese movies are always agonising because they like to drag out their DVD release, they do. Let’s help each other out where we can download it as soon as it’s out okay! ^^


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