P to JK

Hey guys!

Welcome back to another review post!

Today, I’m going to talk about a shoujo manga that I recently read and enjoyed immensely. There isn’t much of a story plot to this manga but it’s cute and each chapter is a new everyday situation.

P to JK is written and illustrated bu Miyoshi Maki and its genres are comedy, romance, school life and shoujo.


ptojkP to JK is about a girl (Motoya Kako) who follows her friend to an adult mixer upon her insistence and at the mixer, she hits it off with a 23-year-old guy who’s a policeman (Sagano Kouta). But when he finds out that she’s just a high school student, he refuses to have anything more to do with her, being a law enforcer. This breaks Kako’s heart but she continues to love him from far.

Being a policeman, Sagano has caught and arrested many delinquents and has therefore accumulated himself some enemies. Kako overhears some delinquents who have a grudge against Sagano plotting to get their revenge on him and decides to intervene.

When Sagano falls into the delinquents’ trap, Kako intervenes and threatens them that she has already called the police and are on their way. Refusing to back down, one of the delinquents takes out a weapon and aims it at Sagano. Within a split second, Kako throws herself in front of him and takes the blow instead, hitting her on the forehead. Before she drifts off to unconsciousness, she asks Sagano if he’s hurt and smiling for her, he replies that he’s alright.

ptojk c3p26 ptojk c3p27

In the hospital after Kako wakes up, Sagano reveals to her that even though he wants to be with her, he cannot be her boyfriend. However, he says that there is a way whereby they can be together and that is to get married – and he proposes to her there and then, much to Kako’s bafflement and surprise. But she quickly states that she wants to marry him and therefore agrees to his proposal.

And so, the days of our future married couple begins in secret! So many exciting things happen when one’s dating a policeman and when a high school girl dates an adult y’know!


What I absolutely love about P to JK are its characters. Let’s start with Kako.


Kako is a 16-year-old who is a newbie at love. She’s young and is still pretty naive about the world but because of this, her love is pure and innocent and this is how Sagano recognised the sincerity in her feelings. Also, because she’s young and naive, Sagano feels the need to constantly protect her haha. This could also be because he’s a policeman and it’s just his policeman instincts on high alert now that he has a little girl to look after as his wife.

As a young girl in love, Kako wants to try out many things other people in high school experience such as wall-slamming (LOL) and uniform dates – which are stuff that Sagano doesn’t really want to try out since he’s already past that age and she can just kiss goodbye. But because he wants to please her, Sagano gives in to her, which results in a happy Kako and a happy Sagano because she’s happy. I love this relationship that these two have, because while she brings out the teen in him, she also brings out his softer side which contrasts his stern policeman mode.


Sagano is a police officer who takes his job very seriously. He is an ex-delinquent who got reformed after he inadvertently caused the death of his father, whom he has always felt guilty and responsible for. As a high school student, Sagano never really had a good school life so much of the high school experience was missed out on but through Kako, he somewhat goes through it again, sort of giving him a second chance at it.

I love how he always wants to do things the right way in the right order, from teaching Kako how to salute properly, to proposing to her in order to make their relationship official. And despite being quite stoic and stern, Sagano unexpectedly has a cute side to him too that makes me squeal like a little girl. His protectiveness and considerate nature are without a doubt, his best points. And it’s just hilarious to see throughout the story that he never manages to get his timing right as to when to kiss Kako HAHA.

ptojk c11p21 ptojk c11p22

As for the rest of the characters, they’re great, though not particularly outstanding with a few exceptions. Yamamoto, who is Sagano’s partner, Sagano’s elder sister and Heisuke, a reformed delinquent are pretty interesting and fun characters to read as they bring out emotions in our main couple ones that show a different side to them. You need solid supporting characters to complement the main ones to shine, right?

So that’s pretty much it for my review on P to JK, I hope you liked it! Feel free to leave me your thoughts on it in the comments section and I’ll see you guys soon. As for my final assessment:

Art: 9/10 (I love how Kako is drawn really cute and Sagano’s really boyish but manly to show that he’s an adult)

Story line: 8/10 (Not much story line to this because it’s very slice-of-life to me but I love it because of the everyday situations we’re shown)

Chapter length: 10/10 (Approximately 41-46 pages each chapter)


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