Preview: Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

Hey guys!

Welcome back! I thought that I’d do something different today since I’ve just finished watching Naruto Shippuden until its last canon episode. I can’t be bothered with the fillers so now I’m just going to have to wait till they’re over and get back to the canon storyline. It’s amazing how I managed to catch up with all the (essential) Naruto episodes just within about 4-5 months. Something that took people years to follow has taken me just about 4-5 months to catch up. I feel pretty proud about myself if I do say so hahaha.

Okay so now that Naruto Shippuden was out of the way (for a while anyway), I decided to get started with some of the new anime that people have been talking about. One of them that I really wanted to watch was Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso because I had heard that it was a story that involved music. And I love music, I was in a school band before and I previously enjoyed watching La Corda D’Oro and White Album 2 so I thought, why not give this anime a go?


So I’ve just watched its first episode and here are my first impression thoughts on it.

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso started off well. The opening song got me intrigued and I have to say I actually really like it. Many would agree that good opening song = positive outlook on the episode so points from me were given there.

We’re introduced to a boy who is an exceptional pianist, who lost his will to touch the instrument again ever since his mother passed away. This boy, Kousei is the cool and calm type, who we can see is more or less okay on the outside but is not okay on the inside. He has two friends, Watari and Tsubaki. Watari is the captain of the school’s soccer team, the typical handsome, popular male friend and Tsubaki is the nice, friendly female friend who tries to help Kousei and get him out of his shell.

Here’s where out story starts:

Walking together on the way home one day, Tsubaki invites Kousei to join her and Watari for a meeting with her classmate, who’s interested in Watari. Telling him that it’d be too awkward for her to be with the two alone, she says that it’d be better if he came along because he’d be able to make conversation with the girl since she’s also into classical music.

1-1Kousei turns up at the meeting place early and spots a girl with long blonde hair playing that trumpet song from Laputa: Castle in the Sky. She has attracted a group of three kids who are fascinated with her playing and join her in playing to attract the pigeons later on.

Captured by her performance, Kousei takes out his phone to snap a picture of her and the kids but in that moment, a gust of wind blows up her skirt and he captures a shot of her underwear instead. The girl spots Kousei and realises what happened almost immediately. She charges right at him and gives him a smacking with the kids’ instruments without letting him explain himself (so violent hahaha).

1-5At this point, Tsubaki and Watari arrive and the four are introduced to each other. Watari immediately takes a liking to the new girl, who’s name is revealed to be Kaori and she vice versa haha. The group then prepares to go to Towa Hall, where Kaori is going to perform. She is then revealed to be a classical violinist and here Kousei begins to feel hesitant and says that he’ll pass but then Kaori comes over and takes his hand saying “You come with us too!” and pulls him along to the hall.

Personally, I think that even though the first episode wasn’t very compelling, it still had this draw factor to it that’d make me want to continue watching. I think this would be an easy-going healing kind of story whereby Kaori will eventually heal Kousei’s wounded heart and bring him back to the world of music. And since I haven’t heard much of the music in this episode, I’m going to have to keep watching to listen to more of it.

Kousei is a likeable character but I think he isn’t very pitiable and wounded a character that reaches out to my empathetic side. Maybe his situation isn’t so bad as it’s supposed to be but seeing as I haven’t gone very deep into the story as well as his background, I can’t say much at this point.

Kaori comes out as a promising character who is full of life and hopes. She’s a musician just like Kousei and she enjoys playing her instrument, something that Kousei is detached to at this point. Well I don’t know much about her at this point too but I think she’ll be a pretty surprising character in the later episodes.

1-9As for Tsubaki and Watari, they’re great characters, the ideal makeup for supporting roles, kind and supportive though I think that might change later on but I can’t be sure now. It’ll be interesting to see how these four characters play out.

So yep there you have it! My first look and thoughts on Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, AKA Your Lie in April. Have you watched this anime yet? What do you think of it? Also, is there any good anime that you would like to recommend to me? Let me know in the comments and I’ll see you guys again soon 🙂


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