Ore Monogatari!!

Hey guys!

Welcome back to another review post! Today I’ll be reviewing Ore Monogatari!!, a shoujo anime that came out around the same time as Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso.

When I first saw the art for this anime, I was pretty sceptical; one of the characters isn’t handsome at all, don’t tell me he’s the one who’s going to get together with the girl??? It just isn’t your typical shoujo whereby the guy and girl are well-suited for each other in personality and looks. Well, I wasn’t expecting much but I saw a few screenshots from it on Facebook and they were hilarious. I decided that I give this anime a go.

Ore Monogatari!!‘s genres are shoujo, romance and comedy and the anime is currently ongoing.

The story is about Gouda Takeo, a first year high school student who longs for a girlfriend. Personality-wise, Takeo is great, he’s righteous, helps anyone who’s in need and is a kind and caring person. He has a problem though: his big, bulky frame and fierce facial features are often deemed as scary and intimidating by the girls he has crushes on. In addition, his crushes often look past him to focus on his handsome and cool best friend, Sunakawa Makoto. But despite this, Takeo never bore any grudge against his best friend and has come to accept the fact that girls would normally prefer Suna over himself.

One day while riding the train, Suna spots a man groping at a girl’s skirt and Takeo marches over to confront him. He rescues the girl, who turns out to be cute and petite and manages to turn the groper over to the security officers at the next station.

The girl, named Yamato Rinko comes over to Takeo’s house to thank him for rescuing her and offers him and Suna a cake that she had baked to express her gratitude. When Takeo sees her chatting with Suna, he thinks that she must have taken a liking to him and promises to set her up with his best friend so that she can be happy because he has fallen for her.

The twist however, is that it turns out that the one Yamato has fallen for, isn’t Suna but Takeo himself! With Suna’s intervention, Yamato confesses her feelings for Takeo and the two become a couple. The episodes following that explore Takeo and Yamato’s new relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend because it is both their first serious relationship. And it’s hilarious.

oremonogatari 1 oremonogatari 2 oremonogatari 3

Picture credits to Manga Town

I love how Suna allows Takeo to do all sorts of weird things to him all in the name of friendship XD
If you asked me what my ideal best friend is, it is this guy right here.

So anyway, I really enjoy watching Ore Monogatari!! so far. Takeo is this big bear figure character who’s only flaw is his looks, Suna is his perfect, prince-like best friend and Yamato is the cute princess who looks past Takeo’s looks and wholeheartedly appreciates and admires him for his kind heart. It’s refreshing to see this strange mix of characters thrown together in a shoujo anime and I think that’s what makes it stand out from the rest of the competition.

What will happen in the days to come of Takeo and Yamato’s love story? Watch this anime to find out πŸ™‚

Character likeability / Character background: 8/10

Overall story: 7/10

Re-watchability: 9/10 (The series is really funny and bulk of the comedy mostly involves Takeo involving Suna into his schemes/problems/plans for just about anything)



5 thoughts on “Ore Monogatari!!

  1. I love this show, one of my faves of the season. I can’t wait for the Anime to adapt parts of the manga, too! I love that by introducing this kind of guy, passionate, forward with his feelings–qualities that most shoujo leads lack—and putting him in the same typical and generic situations seen in pretty much all shoujo manga (or a variation of them), you get this. A breath of fresh air. Everything feels so fresh and new and beautiful with a whole new twist. Even the main romances, it doesn’t drag out but they get together so early on. Even that is fresh. Not very common. Now we get to see how they develop in a relationship, and that’s just so lovely. The comedy is silly sometimes but I love it.

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    • Yes, Ore Monogatari!! is a rather refreshing anime because of the pairing of Takeo and Yamato; it’s not very common for such a guy to be the main lead – one who is clumsy but sincere and endearing rather than handsome and cool. As for the romances getting together early into the series, I’ve been seeing it for a while now, like Sukitte Ii Na Yo. I like it too but sometimes I feel like I completely skipped out on the courtship part haha

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