Preview: Kuroko no Basket

Hey guys!

Welcome back! For some reason, after watching Shingeki no Kyojin, I had this craving to watch more action-packed anime. But it couldn’t just be any random shounen action anime, I’m quite picky about what I watch. So I ran through a few shounen anime titles in my mind from my bookmark list and carefully contemplated if I wanted to watch them.

Eventually, I decided to try watching this anime called Kuroko no Basket, a show about basketball, filled with characters who had multi-coloured hair. I didn’t have any expectations for this show and I didn’t know much about it, except that only a while ago, there was some hype about it in Japan so it occurred to me that the story must be pretty good enough to give a shot.

I watched Kuroko no Basket‘s first episode a few days ago so here’s the recap:


We’re told that back in the day, Teiko Middle School’s basketball team made its way to the top by beating out all competition. They were so good, that they rose to distinction as the unbeatable basketball champions in the entire nation and were eventually called the “Generation of Miracles”. Each player had different individual talents and later went on to different schools with top basketball teams upon graduating. Although people knew of the five talented regulars, rumour has it that there was a phantom sixth player who was a part of the Generation of Miracles, though not a lot is known about him.

Our attention is taken to Seirin High School’s CCA fair. At the Seirin Basketball Club’s booth, a tall guy with red hair fills in an application form, asking to join the team. He leaves an impression on Aida Riko and Hyuga, the club’s coach and captain respectively before their attention is shifted to another application form that they had missed out. Riko reads out the applicant’s name and is surprised to see that he’s from Teiko Middle School’s Basketball Club, guessing that if he’s a first-year, then he must be from the Generation of Miracles.

1-2 1-3

At the Basketball Club’s first practice with the newcomers, Riko orders all the first-years to take off their tops to assess them. When she reaches Kagami, the guy with red hair, she’s stunned to see that his body fitness is through the roof and that all his stats are so high that she can’t see his potential. Just as she’s about to finish up, Kuroko Tetsuya, the first-year who claimed to be from Teiko Middle School’s Basketball Club appears right in front of her, making her do a double-take. She asks him since when he’s been there and he says that he was there all along. Riko gets confused, wondering if such a guy with so little presence was really on such a strong basketball team before. Her doubt is further deepened when she asks him to take off his top to assess him and sees that his stats are all below average.

After practice, Kuroko sees Kagami playing basketball by himself and after the two have a brief talk about the Generation of Miracles, Kagami challenges Kuroko to a one-on-one game. Kuroko agrees and the game begins. However, it doesn’t take Kagami very long before he realises how bad Kuroko is at basketball. Frustrated, he ends the game and tells Kuroko that he has no talent for basketball. Kuroko disagrees with his opinion on the strong and weak and says that he loves the sport. He also adds that he’s a shadow.

1-4 1-5

During a practice match pitting the first-years against the second-years, when the first-years start dropping behind in points, Kuroko steps up and for the first time, displays his basketball talent. He stuns everyone with his invisible passes and helps his team to close the gap to catch up to the second-years’ points. At this point, Riko realises that Kuroko was the sixth phantom member of the Generation of Miracles.

After practice, Kagami goes to his favourite food joint to have a mountain-full of burgers. When he sits down at a table, it takes him a while before he realises that it was already occupied – by Kuroko and nearly chokes on his food (HAHA)

1-6 1-7

While walking home together, Kagami asks Kuroko how good the Generation of Miracles are. He voices his dream of beating them to become the best basketball player in all of Japan. Kuroko however, immediately pisses him off by matter-of-factly stating that from what he’s seen, at his current level, he wouldn’t be able to reach their feet. But he goes on to say that he’s decided and  promises to help Kagami become the best player in Japan.

op_5I found the plot of Kuroko no Basket compelling and immersive. A single guy wants to be the best player in Japan and to do that, he needs to beat all the members of the Generation of Miracles. He forms an unlikely friendship with a quiet, almost-invisible guy who promises to help him fulfill that wish and that’s what’s interesting because the two are opposites. Kagami is loud, impulsive and aggressive, always charging head-on in everything he does while Kuroko is quiet, observant and cool-headed. The idea of two opposites coming together to become good friends and a powerful, formidable duo is intriguing and the fact that all the basketball players, especially the players of the Generation of Miracles have ridiculously absurd yet cool abilities makes the series so thrilling and exciting to keep on watching.

5-2 5-3

So far, I’ve seen the appearance of three other members from the Generation of Miracles: Kise Ryouta, Midorima Shintaro and Aomine Daiki but I haven’t seen Aomine in action yet. Other than Kuroko, I really took a liking to Kise because he’s sassy and hilarious when he wants to be. Midorima struck me as this superstitious dude who relied heavily on horoscopes and lucky items, which can be pretty hilarious and ridiculous like a raccoon statue or a stuffed frog. As for Aomine, I haven’t found out much about him yet but he seems to be strong, somewhat cold and someone who’s always raring for a challenge.

I love Kuroko no Basket‘s story line so far and am pretty sure I’m going to continue watching more of it. I wasn’t so into basketball and wasn’t sure how a story revolving around one particular sport would turn out since the last sport anime I watched was Free! and that series was quite different but watching Kuroko no Basket has lit a new interest in me to know more about basketball.

Will Kuroko and Kagami help Seirin, the newbie basketball club rise to the top and defeat all the players of the famed Generation of Miracles? Watch this amazing high-paced series to find out.


5 thoughts on “Preview: Kuroko no Basket

  1. YES OMG I hope you enjoy the anime!! It’s really awesome especially when you get to Season 2&3 when the competitions begin. And it’s not only an anime that showcases skill and talent, but they actually have character development, esp for Kagami and Kuroko, constantly evolving haha nice review btw it really brought back all the memories of when the anime first started.

    HAHA erm not sure if you would learn THAT much abt basketball because mostly its just superpowers, but ofc there’s some techniques here and there like feint or double clutch, etc. It may not be very realistic, but at least it’s tons of fun watching them play :)) hope you enjoy your KnB journey! ^^

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    • Yes I can’t wait to keep watching to find out more and see what happens to all the characters! That’s great to know, can’t wait to see how they will grow and change 🙂

      Yeah I know nearly nothing about basketball and the technicalities of it so I was really lost while watching when terms such as “alley-oop” and “clutch shooter” came out and I’m also unfamiliar with each player’s positions and responsibilities so watching this series really got me interested to find out more so I don’t feel so blur hahaha. Yes, the ridiculous super cool superpowers they have is amazing to watch, I think if they didn’t have it, the show wouldn’t be as compelling to watch. And thank you, I will for sure! ^^

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      • First of all, I liked your review. I decided to watch this anime too. I started it this month, and I already caught up to the third season. I am just waiting for the ending. 😀

        Now, I watch a lot of basketball, and I thought the show did a great job explaining the rules, and terminology for people who may not be familiar with the game. Yes, they do have crazy names for their superpowers and abilities, but I think as a viewer, you may be aware that those aren’t real, and are just a special part of the show and not the game itself. In my opinion, I think once you watch more episodes, the game of basketball will come naturally, and you will understand it. However, this is international basketball as oppose to the NBA league rules, but the concept is still the same.


      • Thank you! Wow that’s fast haha! Yes I agree with you that in watching more episodes, the viewer will gradually understand more about the story and how the game works. Oh I don’t watch NBA so I don’t know what the league rules are but I don’t think they’re much different from normal basketball rules?

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