Kuroko no Basket: Tip Off

Hey guys!

Welcome back to another review post! I’m posting this to mark my completion of the Kuroko no Basket series (seasons 1, 2 and 3) because i just couldn’t get enough of it! The journey to defeat all the members of the Generation of Miracles seems too fast and too good to be true. Now, I’m at the now what? stage. Defeating all of them to prove that Kuroko’s way of basketball is the strongest style of playing the game rightfully should be the end because that was the purpose and the goal driving the story right?



But that can’t be IT! -sobs-

I hope there will be an epilogue or something, something to show us about the characters’ lives after defeating the Generation of Miracles and how they’re doing now. I mean, winning one championships doesn’t mean the end of the world, there are many other competitions that everyone can participate in again to prove their mettle. The battle is never-ending. But I guess if that happened then the story would kind of lose its meaning and get pretty boring huh.

So anyway, because I was feeling all hyped up after completing Season 3, I went to watch the smaller episodes that are specials, either NGs or OVAs etc and I came across Kuroko no Basket: Tip Off which is episode 22.5.

Kuroko no Basket: Tip Off tells of the Generation of Miracles’ past, back in Teiko Middle School. It follows Kise Ryota from the time he joins the basketball club to the time when he begins to respect Kuroko for his exceptional passing skills.

When Kise first joins Teiko’s basketball club, within two weeks, he is promoted to the first string and is taken to the first string court by Momoi. There, he is told that he will have a trainer and is given a scare when Kuroko magically materialises in front of him.

ova-6 ova-7

He’s totally surprised and dumbfounded that his trainer is a guy with a complete lack of presence and immediately doubts Kuroko’s capabilities.

True enough, Kuroko’s skills are displayed in a practice game whereby he dribbles the ball and shoots, with Kise captured by the shot, totally expecting something awesome from his trainer…

Until it completely fails and bounces off the rim of the hoop XD

ova-13 ova-14

Kise is completely dumbfounded by this point and is confused as to why Kuroko is his trainer. After cleanup, on his way out of the school entrance, he is greeted by Aomine, Kuroko and Murasakibara who was waiting for him. Aomine proposes that they go and celebrate Kise’s promotion into the first string and drags him away without waiting for an answer.

Next thing that we know, all four characters are standing outside a convenience shop eating ice cream and Kise demands to know why they’re celebrating at a convenience shop and why HE had to pay for all the ice cream XD XD XD

ova-20 ova-21

Aomine replies that Kise’s a model anyway so he’s got the money to do it and Murasakibara adds that buying a whole box allowed them to get a deal hahahahaha. Kise’s not happy and he goes on to say that they even picked up some strange guy along the way, who turns out to be who else – Midorima XD

Midorima hilariously answers in his deadpan way that he just happened to be at the convenience shop first, then Kuroko invited him to the party. I find it hilarious that they called this somewhat welcome celebration for Kise OUTSIDE a convenience shop a “party”. Excuse me while I go somewhere and die of laughter first.

At this point, Kise asks Midorima who the hell he is and we realise that they still don’t know each other yet. Midorima introduces himself and soon after that, the party is split into several things happening at once – Kuroko discovers that he has won an ice cream, Murasakibara goes off and returns with more snacks and the group is joined by another person – Momoi, who is ecstatically staring at the ice cream stick Kuroko had given her. Kise stares at the disarray and sighs lol.

Then suddenly, out of nowhere, a snatch thief on a motorbike speeds past the gang, knocking Momoi down and a woman crying out for help to catch the thief. Immediately, Kise and Aomine drop their bags and pursue the thief. Calmly, Midorima remarks that they will never catch up to the motorbike and takes Murasakibara’s snack and launches it into the air HAHAHA

ova-39 ova-40

Murasakibara’s snack flies into the night sky so high that it even catches Kise’s attention and he looks up to see it fly above his head…

ova-43 ova-44

Kise looking up to the sky to see this flying projectile heading towards the motorist killed me.

Unsurprisingly and comically hilarious, the snack hits it target on the head and the gang successfully catches the snatch thief XD

On the way home, the gang talk about their awesome team effort in catching the snatch thief and Kise asks if everyone there is a regular and Aomine confirms this. Kise is stunned that even Kuroko is a regular and decides to find out what’s so special about his trainer the next day. He goes around asking the other regulars what they think of Kuroko (Murasakibara, Midorima and Momoi) but is unable to get a satisfactory answer from any of them either because of laziness, eccentricity or overwhelming feelings of love HAHA.

After a few more practice games against Kuroko, Kise seriously doubts Kuroko would be any good in a match and questions Aomine why a guy who is worse than him is his trainer. In the next basketball practice, Akashi decides to have Kuroko and Kise play in a match with the second string players against another school. PhotoGrid_1437064451008

And it is during this match that Kise discovers what Kuroko’s true skill is and begins to respect him deeply. Furthermore, it is when he realises that he enjoyed playing basketball and that this sport is the one for him.

I really enjoyed myself while watching this episode because I wanted to see more of the Generation of Miracles when they were back in Teiko. And the scene of them celebrating Kise’s promotion to the first string was just so hilarious and heartwarming. In that scene, they were all just normal club mates who could freely fool around with each other before all the angst kicked in later on.

Aomine was so cute and likeable, always smiling and messing around during practices with his teammates. And his relationship with Kuroko back then was so ideal. I don’t know how else to describe it. Everyone else was pretty much the same, just miniature versions of themselves – and Akashi was so cute even as a calculating young boy!

And this episode was perfect because I’ve always wanted to know how Kuroko trained Kise back when he was his trainer. It turns out that he didn’t do much though and was in fact, looked down upon by his own student hahaha XD

To round up for the Kuroko no Basket series, here is my verdict:

Character likeability / Character background: 9/10 (Because I can’t seem to hate much of the characters, and pretty much like the characters in Naruto, most of the antagonistic characters in Kuroko no Basket are not malicious by intent and act the way they do because of internal struggles e.g. Aomine, Akashi)

Overall story: 9/10 (It’s inspirational and full of learning points, mostly about not giving up)

Re-watchability: 10/10 (It’s so funny, action-packed and full of ridiculous yet absurdly amazing OP abilities of the Generation of Miracles, you won’t have time to take a break because you’ll just want to watch more and more!)


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