Preview: Prison School

Hey guys!

Welcome back! Today I’ll be doing an instant reaction post on the first episode of Prison School, one of the new 2015 Summer Anime series. I have been intrigued by the plot of this story ever since I read about it and a friend of mine even told me that this is gonna be really perverted but I don’t know how far the ecchi-ness will go so I’m gonna try. We’re keeping an open mind here, so the fact that I’m a girl watching this show for today flies out of the window okay?

I’m doing this in a different format for the first time so this is how it’ll go. I’ll be giving my thoughts and comments as the story goes on through the episode, stopping whenever I feel like it. These thoughts will be written down instantly the moment they float into my head while I’m watching the episode so I think it’ll be interesting. It’s to give the post a more “instantaneous” feel to it since what I normally do is to watch through an entire episode then try to recall what it was about and write out my thoughts on it while doing a recap. But I can’t usually remember details all that well so I always have to go back and re-watch the episode and write out my thoughts at the same time so I’ll be changing the format here.

Please tell me what you guys think of the new format and I hope you’ll find this form of writing and reviewing closer to your heart! 🙂


Let’s begin!

prisonschool 1-1 prisonschool 1-2

Already into the first minute of the episode and I’m already getting a good idea on what I’m getting myself into. Five guys are being punished/tortured(?) behind a dark and foreboding looking sky. They are all thrown to the ground by the figure of a girl who we can’t say much about, other than her huge assets. Clearly, we see where this is going.

prisonschool 1-4

I’m not going to lie, Fujino Kiyoshi is the most handsome one out of the lot of five guys. I don’t know anything about him yet so I hope his personality won’t be half bad.

prisonschool 1-5 prisonschool 1-6

Hahahahaha… I spoke too soon huh. What was I really expecting from this decent looking dude in an ecchi anime anyway hahahahaha

prisonschool 1-8 prisonschool 1-9-1

LOOOL. So much for that huge declaration and bravado *clap clap*

prisonschool 1-10 prisonschool 1-11

HAHAHA does this also mean that Chiyo-san has weird tastes in men??? It’s not cool if she ends up liking him because of a sumo guy on his eraser XD

prisonschool 1-12 prisonschool 1-13

OHH so it turns out that she has the same eraser, hence the sparks. This love won’t last honey hahaha.

prisonschool 1-15 prisonschool 1-16

So it turns out that Chiyo-san really loves sumo wrestling and wants to go for student sumo league tournament that’s coming up. She asks Kiyoshi if he would like to go with her to see it and he almost immediately replies that he’ll go! Oh honey you are sooo in trouble now hahaha

So the other four guys have decided to go peeping into the girls bathroom because they’ve never seen what a girl’s breasts or bare bottom looked like and Kiyoshi’s like NO we can’t do that!


prisonschool 1-17 prisonschool 1-18


And the funniest thing about this is that Kiyoshi was the one who opposed to it and now HE’S the one who says “Let’s go”

The boys are now on their way to commence operation: bathroom peeping but when Kiyoshi hears of which class’ girls they’re headed to, he gets a huge shock.

“That’s MY class!! Which means…”

prisonschool 1-24 prisonschool 1-25


Which leads to this:

prisonschool 1-26


Also, what kind of window opens upwards like that?

The boys commence their peeping operation by using video call from two phones. Kiyoshi is all opposed to it until he sees Chiyo-chan walking away from the changing room… which means that his buddies won’t get to see her naked right? And so, he immediately jumps right back into the operation LOL. He offers to dangle one of the phones into the changing room and does it pretty well until he is told that that phone is his.


He drops the phone out of shock and has no choice but to go into the girls’ changing room to retrieve it. Just when he retrieves it, a girl walks into the changing room – it’s Chiyo-chan! Halp.

… And up on the roof, the other four minions scoot away completely ditching Kiyoshi hahahaha

After a few seconds, Chiyo-chan calls out “Mayumi?” and it turns out that she’s near-sighted and can’t really tell who Kiyoshi is. She tells him to get undressed and drags him into the baths. To the unbelief of the four minions.

prisonschool 1-27 prisonschool 1-28

The minions are so jealous of Kiyoshi that they figured, if Kiyoshi could do it, so could we and so:

prisonschool 1-29 prisonschool 1-30

Do these bozos actually think they can all sneak into the girls’ bathroom like that??? Halp I don’t know how much of this ridiculousness I can take XD

Okay so the ridiculousness ends quite fast after that. The minions get caught by the underground Student Council and get thrown up on a stage and each tied to a stake. Kiyoshi is not spared.

prisonschool 1-31

Ouch. The punishment looks brutal.

We’re then shown the boys carrying huge wood blocks just like in the beginning and they’re treated harshly by the vice president who seems to enjoy hitting them like a super sadist. She even commands Andre to lick her boot and he nearly does it until Kiyoshi steps in and tells her to stop.

That night, when the boys talk about the boot-licking, Andre wails at Kiyoshi:

“Why did you stop me from licking the vice president’s boot!” 

… あれ?

prisonschool 1-34 prisonschool 1-35

That’s my reaction on the right right there haha! Such masochists minions tsk tsk.

And so the five boys are all sent to do a bunch of labour work day in day out. It even includes doing meaningless work like finding four-leaf clovers under the strict super-S supervision of the Underground Student Council. While away on his own, Kiyoshi returns a baby bird back to its nest and from the tree branch, he sees Chiyo-chan.

prisonschool 1-36 prisonschool 1-37

Aww. She still believes in him. And just when you think our hero is going to speak the truth, he totally lives up to our expectations and says yes! Well done Kiyoshi, your consistency is there XD

prisonschool 1-38

Upon her leaving, Kiyoshi then calls out to her and promises to go to the sumo wrestling match with her in two weeks’ time. Chiyo-chan smiles and then leaves, leaving Kiyoshi stuck on top of the branch when the Underground Student Coucil’s Secretary comes into view, looking for him. She fails to look up (which is damn weird, like couldn’t she just run to the nearest toilet???) and decides to go pee right under the tree that Kiyoshi’s on, inadvertently exposing her butt to him. Shocked, our hero tries to hold himself together but a crow arrives at the bird’s nest and attacks him, making him lose his balance…

…and fall right in front of her.

Why does this guy get all the luck in the world hahahaha


So Prison School was not a totally bad as I thought it would be and I thoroughly enjoyed myself watching this episode. By the halfway mark, I was already drawn in by the story.

What is so funny about this show is the not-so-controlled desires of five boys who are plonked in the middle of an entire population of girls. Being surrounded by girls day in and out in school, the boys are given no choice but to look at them and let their minds run wild with imagination and fantasies.

Kiyoshi is the most sensible one of the lot, trying to stay pure yet almost always failing to keep to it because of peer pressure, curiosity and lust. It’s just hilarious and he doesn’t fail to disappoint when you expect him to fail to keep to his words HAHA.

As for the other four minions, they must be either terribly curious or deprived of females to want to see them so much. Their desire for female contact and interaction goes beyond understanding – so much such that they become super-Ms. Thank goodness Kiyoshi’s pride is still intact in that area ha.

I wouldn’t mind carrying on to watch and follow this series, though some of the scenes in it really go for it, since it is of seinen genre. Such as direct in-your-face breast scenes and bashing up scenes that turn really bloody, showing you a little girl smiling cutely with blood all over her hands and uniform like some yandere *COUGH* – Midorikawa Hana – *COUGH* I guess I just have to either ignore those or get used to seeing them.

prisonschool 1-39

Other than that, Prison School is amazing. It’s funny, cheeky and ridiculous – a story about the internal desire struggles of boys going through puberty while having to keep them under control in the environment of an all girls’ school. I don’t think you will be able to resist the absurdity of the boys’ antics. If you’re a girl, you’ll probably squirm at certain scenes just like I did (we try to keep an open mind) but you’ll still find yourself enjoying this show. If you’re a guy, then hell yeah, you WILL enjoy this show XD


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