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Welcome to wordsofconfession, my space of personal opinions and unprofessional writing. I love to write whatever I feel and as you may have seen from my posts and writing, I love to write reviews about my personal interests, namely manga, anime, movies, TV dramas and occasionally, otome games.

I love words because of the power they have in them and the freedom to express anything a person feels.



I’ve always had a love for writing. When I was a little girl, I was fascinated by books and the worlds they could delve me into. I started writing short stories, frequently using the themes of fantasy, romance, friendship and adventure. You could say that I was heavily influenced by all things magical and fantastical. Some of my influences were the comics W.I.T.C.H. as well as The Princess Diaries and Harry Potter series.

When I discovered blogging as a young girl, I liked the idea of having a personal online diary and so I had one for years. Over the years, I switched blogs while discovering this world of blogging, switching from Blogger, to Livejournal, to WordPress.

Eventually, I settled down and decided to start up a blog again on 1 February 2012. It didn’t start out as a review blog like what’s it’s become today. It was in fact, my own personal blog whereby I would blog about my daily life and grievances. It was typical blogging.

And then one day I decided to do a movie review and after I had posted it up, I found that my blog was starting to receive more traffic. I realised that I actually liked writing reviews and so I carried on from there and later on branched out to manga, anime and otome game reviews. I have never looked back since and I am proud to say that I enjoy what I am doing ^~^

And although wordsofconfession has evolved into a review blog, I still want it to maintain a bit of its old self – a personal touch from me – and voice my opinion on various topics to discuss it with the world. To me, this reveals a bit of myself to my readers and it’s where it’s not so one-sided with my opinions like my reviews, which are full of my opinions.

My plans for this website is for it to last as long as possible and contain my honest opinions on almost everything. Also, I do wish that you, the reader enjoy what I write and maybe even share your thoughts and opinions with me as well.

Some other random facts about me:

I’m a Roman Catholic and I’m proud to be one so I’ll be blogging about my religion occasionally.

I love a select group of genres, if you call them that and they are all pretty well-known. They are:

Acchi Kocchi

Acchi Kocchi

1. Disney
2. K-dramas
3. The DC and Marvel comics universe
4. Japanese anime and manga (mostly shoujo/josei genre but I don’t mind seinen/shounen on for rare exceptions e.g. Acchi Kocchi)

Most of the time, I will be writing movie, manga and anime reviews but do feel free to request for any reviews that fall under any of the four genres above. Do take note not to request for anything of the horror genre though, because I can’t stand getting scared (yes, I have a weak heart for horror). But other than that, I’d be happy to fulfil your review requests ^^

If you were wondering about my screen name, here’s the reason behind it:

I chose the name theconfessor as my screen name as a nod to my site name because “wordsofconfession” was something that I first came up with and haven’t gotten tired of so far XP

Lastly, if you have any burning questions for me, do leave them in the “Ask Me” page and I’ll be more than happy to answer them for you 🙂

Thank you for visiting wordsofconfession.wordpress.com and enjoy your time here!


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  1. Hi Sarah Jane!

    I’m Chungky from the Manga Weekend blog and I was wondering if you’d be interested in participating in a fan-run manga blogging event based on the Olympics.

    If you’d like more info about it you can check out our post at [http://mangaweekend.wordpress.com/2013/05/09/manga-weekend-hosts-manga-olympics-for-bloggers-mob-springsummer-2013-2/]

    Thank you for your time!


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