Heroine Shikkaku (Live-Action)

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Last month when I went on holiday to Japan, I had the opportunity to choose from a whole selection of Japanese movies in the in-flight entertainment system on the way there and back. To my surprise, I found Heroine Shikkaku there! I’ve been wanting to watch it ever since I discovered its existence during AFA 2015 so here was one great opportunity since it’s really hard to obtain Japanese movies in English subtitles.

heroine shikkaku posterI’m not going to delve too much into the story because I’ve already reviewed Heroine Shikkaku back in 2014. You can click here to read my original thoughts and reflections of the story when I first read it but here’s a brief summary anyway!

Heroine Shikkaku follows protagonist Matsuzaki Hatori as she chases her childhood love in high school. Hatori has an interesting view of the people around her, seeing herself as the “Heroine” of the story and her childhood friend and crush Terasaka Rita as the “Hero” while everyone else as “Calefare” or “Supporting Characters”. As she is Rita’s childhood friend, she believes that she will get him one day and that it is destined to be.

However, things do not go as planned out in her head and when Rita saves a nerdy-looking girl in their class from being picked on by some bullies, the girl becomes infatuated with him and confesses to him shortly after. Finding no reason why he shouldn’t date her, Rita agrees to go out with the girl, named Adachi.

maxresdefault (2)Shocked at the sudden turn of events that she had never taken into account before, Hatori begins to experience heartbreak and with encouragement from her stoic but wise best friend Nakajima, she begins to work on winning back Rita’s heart.

But things aren’t so easy when Adachi begins to become prettier from being with Rita. And to top it off, the school’s pretty boy has taken a keen interest in Hatori and has his eyes set on her. Things have only just gotten a lot messier and complicated than it should have.

I have absolutely no complaints about the story itself because no matter how ridiculous it did seem later on, I really liked how the premise of the story was. I even remember writing a short post on it after reading its first few chapters, thinking to myself, “Wow, this is amazing, it is so relatable” because who hasn’t had a longtime-crush who was taken away from us right under our noses because we were too shy to confess? Everyone okay, EVERYONE.

Whether the live-action adaptation stuck closely and faithfully to the storyline of the manga, according to my current memory, I’ll say it did 70% of the time. Which is not too bad, really. Plus, Heroine Shikkaku was highly enjoyable to watch.

maxresdefault (1)First, I want to give high praise to Kiritani Mirei, who was spot on on Hatori’s reactions, expressions – everything. When she was miserable and crying over Rita, I felt my heart break as well. When she was mean and snobbish to Adachi, I even felt like siding with her. To imitate Hatori in the manga, Kiritani Mirei had some exaggerated expressions to do and I didn’t think the movie would actually include this little detail in but her exaggerated expressions were HILARIOUS. She was absolutely a darling to watch, so funny and dear. I am pleased and satisfied to say that she was the right choice to play Hatori, without a doubt.

As for Yamazaki Kento. Haha. I’m a teensy bit annoyed with the producers for this: I know that he has a pretty face and I really do like him BUT WHY IS HE BEING CAST IN ALL THE RECENT WELL-KNOWN SHOUJO LIVE-ACTION ADAPTATIONS? Is there like, nobody else to play those other well-loved male protagonists? As of now, Yamazaki Kento has these shoujo live-action adaptations on his slate: L-DK, Orange, Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji, Heroine Shikkaku, Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso and in all of these, he’s the male protagonist. Guh. I don’t hate Yamazaki Kento, in fact, I like him but this is just too much overload. Producers, please don’t do this in the future. I don’t want to look at Yamazaki Kento and see him as Kageyama Shuusei, Naruse Kakeru, Sata Kyouya, Terasaka Rita and Arima Kousei respectively ALL AT ONCE.

Okay rant over, sorry about that. Back to Yamazaki Kento’s performance as Terasaka Rita.

No-Longer-Heroine-The-Movie-image-456Honestly, as Rita, he didn’t really have much to do. Except look cool, calm and nonchalant about almost everything. It’s a personality similar to a previous role he played – L-DK‘s Kageyama Shuusei minus the perverted teasing. So I can’t really fault him there for not showing much emotion. Because that’s what’s he’s supposed to be. Emotionless haha. Okay I shan’t be so mean.

Oh yes, as an afterthought, I think it’d be really interesting to keep an eye on Sakaguchi Kentaro, the one who plays Hiromitsu Kosuke because we’ll be seeing him real soon in another supporting role to look out for – Sunakawa Makoto in the live-action adaptation of Ore Monogatari!! 

Anyway if you’ve never heard of Heroine Shikkaku, you should totally check it out. It’s highly entertaining and relatable – you’ll just love it. Girls, anyway haha. You can either start by reading the manga or try to get your hands on the movie but you’ll have a better chance at starting with the manga first because last time I checked, I couldn’t find a download of the movie – and with English subtitles, those are a pain.

Finally, here’s the trailer of Heroine Shikkaku to give you a taste of what the movie’s like. Who wouldn’t love Kiritani Mirei after hearing her wail “NAKAJIMAAA” into Fukuda Ayano HAHAHA

Overall rating: 8/10

Rewatchability: 8/10 


2015 in review

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So a new year has started and I know this is late but here it is – my blog stats for the year:

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 51,000 times in 2015. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 19 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Thank you for all your support guys, I know that I’m not the most frequent blogger or wittiest one so thank you for putting up with this lazy person ahaha

To be honest, I’m actually less active on my blog nowadays because Instagram keeps me so busy already! And it’s way easier and quicker to post an update there. In addition, the Instagram account has grown tremendously in just a year so I’m really pleased with that. If you haven’t already followed me there then do so now here.

As for current plans, I’m planning to write a review on Heroine Shikkaku soon because I watched it recently and really liked it, which surprised me. Yes, so keep a lookout for that.

And finally, happy new year to you all and here’s to another good year ahead!

Tokyo Ghoul

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(Omg why the fish did wordpress change its post layout AGAIN?)

So you’ve already seen the title of this post and you’re probably thinking, “Omg Confessor, where have you BEEN that’s so LAST YEAR!”

Yes yes I know guys. But better late than never right?

Tokyo_GhoulI started watching Tokyo Ghoul because I wanted to watch an action anime and since I’ve recently become more tolerant of watching horror/gore scenes, I decided to give Tokyo Ghoul a go. Honestly speaking, when I was still unable to stomach horror scenes last year, I decided that I would read the manga instead for the story and so I did. It intrigued me. So the anime should be cooler because its action scenes are animated right?

Of course. Anime are best suited for action sequences, that’s why they feature more shounen genre stories as compared to shoujo genre ones. Doh.

As most people would probably know, Tokyo Ghoul is a story that revolves around the protagonist, Kaneki Ken who is thrown into a colossal mess that of the world of ghouls – monsters that prey on humans for their flesh for survival with human faces.

As a result of a terrible accident that occurred that miraculously left him still barely alive and an organ transplant to save him, Kaneki is transformed into a ghoul. Well, half a ghoul. As a ghoul who was once human, Kaneki is unable to accept this new side of himself for most part of the anime as the thought of eating other humans like himself (or used to be) is disgusting and repulsive.

L44T0RfHe struggles with his new ghoul-like tendencies and diet while learning more about ghouls through the new acquaintances he makes at Anteiku, an organisation in the 20th Ward where he stays. Through them, he learns that not all ghouls were what he thought them up to be, that they have feelings and people precious to them that they want to protect too.

Eventually, Kaneki catches the attention of a few powerful and prominent (or infamous) ghouls who wish to capture him for special purposes because he is a one-eyed ghoul that is supposed to be a myth.

tumblr_nc42d9vb1O1t4dfn8o1_500After undergoing enormous torture from a psychotic ghoul named Yamori, Kaneki’s hair turns white and he finds a new resolve in himself not to let others push him around. And that’s where the series supposedly gets more exciting and badass.

I think the anime sequel to Tokyo Ghoul is completely non-canon so to know what happens after that, I’m gonna have to read the manga to find out. It’s kind of disappointing that they didn’t just make the sequel canon to the first season even though it was so popular and well-received.



kanekiI really like how Kaneki grows up from a conservative, insecure bookish person into somebody who is able to stand up for himself (even though it meant him going through immense torture that  he shouldn’t have had to go through). Even though I found his predicament most pitiful and sad, I think that it opened up his eyes to many things. As part of both the human and ghoul worlds, he could now see both sides of the story and was in this extremely unique position to actually empathise with each one of them. And although the torture performed on him made him stronger, it also gave him a changed personality that I assume made him more cold and calculating than before. Hmm, I’ll have to catch up with the manga to confirm that.


tokyo-ghoul-kirishima-toukaWhen I was first introduced to Kirishima Touka, I didn’t feel much for her and I didn’t think too much of her either. Touka was a character who was aloof, brash and cautious about the people around her so I found it a little difficult to like her at first. But later on, when Hinami comes into the picture, Touka is revealed to be fiercely loyal and protective over the people she cares about, which shows that she isn’t a bad person – it’s just the way that she expresses herself that tends to make her misunderstood. I’ve since come to like her a lot better after she displayed no hesitation to voice her decision to save Kaneki from Aogiri Tree.

As for the other characters, they are all brilliant – brilliantly warped and interesting in their own ways too but for now, these two are the ones I thought I should mention because I saw the most character growth in them over the span of 12 episodes.

5A9waAeIn conclusion, I think Tokyo Ghoul is an interesting story that explores thought-provoking questions about values and ethics. Are the ghouls really all that different from humans? Should such repulsive creatures that possibly have the same human feelings and emotions be allowed to coexist with humans themselves? Is revenge the answer to everything?

Also, I’m pretty interested to find out more about Touka and her brother Ayato’s back story, as well as Aogiri Tree itself and what happens to Kaneki after the Aogiri Tree arc.

Character likeability / Character background: 8/10

Overall story: 8/10 (This was a dark story, different from the type of anime that I usually like to watch but nevertheless, I did enjoy watching Tokyo Ghoul)

Re-watchability: 7/10 (Okay this is because the story is pretty slow. The anime features more story depth rather than action sequences, so some episodes even go without any of them or if there’s one, it’s a really short less-than-five-minutes one)

One Punch Man

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So I know it’s very unusual for me to be back so soon but I think my material is all piling up because they all just came at around the same time so I should just clear them out as soon as I can.

One_Punch_Man_TV_Anime_Key_VisualA week ago, when I went out for dinner with my cousin, we had this discussion on anime. I’ll skip the details on us hotly debating on various anime and just get to the main point. The discussion ended up in an anime challenge: he would watch the first three episodes of Naruto while I have to watch the first three episodes of One Punch Man.

I’d heard of One Punch Man and had already seen clips and images of it here and there on Instagram and Facebook but I wasn’t exactly up for it because of its art and genre – seinen. As I’m first and foremost a shoujo type of person, shounen and seinen never really appealed to me but over the years, I’ve since then come to acquire a taste for certain ones. To me, they had to be really good or else I wouldn’t even go near to its description page.


One Punch Man exceeded my expectations! I didn’t decide that I liked it right after the first episode because I felt that it deserved a second chance so keeping to my promise, I watched two more episodes and One Punch Man had me by the third episode.


originalSaitama is a regular guy who is looking for a job. One day, on his way home after a failed job interview, he finds a crab monster (who apparently used to be human but turned into this monstrous thing because he ate too much crab LOL) in his pathway who announces that it wants vengeance on a kid who had previously offended him. Unfazed and indifferent, Saitama doesn’t run away screaming in fear from the monster, which surprises him. Feeling merciful because he notes that Saitama has the same set of “lifeless eyes” as his, crab dude decides to spare him and leaves to hunt down his prey.

Still unfazed by the fact that he had just encountered a monster, Saitama carries on with his journey home. On the way, he meets a boy who fits the description of the crab dude’s target and his conscience is pricked: Should he just ignore him and go home because it’s none of his business? Or should he stay and protect the boy because he knows that the monster is coming for him?

1444141061-c385b83cd615b24d6ee2bbda11bf1287Within minutes, crab dude appears, having found its target and lunges towards the boy. Just in the nick of time, Saitama throws himself at the boy and manages to push him out of harm’s way. He gets bashed up at first but in the moment that he decides he wants to become a hero, he finds the strength in himself and kills crab dude by pulling out one of his eyes.

Since then, Saitama gave up searching for jobs and worked hard for three years to train and strengthen his body. Sticking to a strict regime to be done and completed every day, Saitama’s body became stressed until all his hair fell out but in return, he obtained immense strength and invulnerability. Three years later, present-day Saitama does hero work as a hobby – a hero “for fun” as he calls it. He is now so strong that he has gotten to a point whereby taking out his opponents with a single punch has no kick to it. As a result, Saitama has become pretty laid-back and even more unfazed by the unnatural things that happen around him simply because no one poses a threat to him anymore. This situation totally reminds me of Aomine from Kuroko no Basket but Saitama takes the situation a lot better in his stride HAHA.

One-Punch-Man-02-02As the story goes on, Saitama meets various monsters who claim to be the best while he easily defeats them without so much as batting an eye with some comic suspense. He soon meets Genos, a teenage cyborg who after seeing Saitama in action once, is amazed by him and immediately persuades him to take him on as his disciple. Saitama doesn’t give in until episode 5 or 6 however, because he thinks that there’s simply nothing for him to teach Genos because he’s a cyborg and he can’t teach him the strength training routine that he used for the past three years HAHA. Loyal and dedicated to his new self-proclaimed master, Genos’ ability to keep a straight face in everything that he reports to Saitama is absolutely comical and hilarious. Together with Saitama, the duo make up the serious-disciple-and-blur-master pair.

1445980029-27f9f73f7a76348e7cfab282e3bae3b4Another interesting character that has appeared so far is Sonic, a ninja who seems to take on work for his own agenda. When he first meets Saitama and fights a little with him, the encounter leaves him very interested in the mysterious bald guy who plays the hero “for fun”. He seems to have an unusual bad habit of smiling a creepy child-like grin whenever he faces strong opponents and he seems to be an interesting character, one to look out for in future episodes. In addition, when I first heard Sonic speak, I immediately recognised his seiyuu’s voice and found out that it belonged to one of my favourite seiyuus, which is Yuuki Kaji. Yuuki Kaji is love, Yuuki Kaji is life.

In conclusion, I think that One Punch Man is fantastic – the idea of an ordinary man who turns into the world’s strongest hero is almost impossible that it’s so fascinating to watch. With his training routine, one would expect Saitama to just get very fit but not build up muscle and such enormous strength and invincibility. He’s not even very buff, just lean and muscular (as you can see in episode 5) so I’m speculating that there’s a secret to his body, which would be the reason why he has such inhuman strength. And the idea of being too strong such that doing what you love becomes something boring because it no longer poses a challenge to you? Fabulous. And what’s most fabulous about it is Saitama’s resulted personality HAHAHA.

I’m sure nobody expected to love a hero like Saitama when they first heard of One Punch Man. Neither did I. But after watching him for a minimum of three episodes, how could you not come to like this blur egg-headed dude?

(Oh yes, I’ve heard from friends who have told me that the manga is even better because One Punch Man’s mangaka is extremely good and detailed at drawing action scenes. When I took a look at one of the chapters and flipped to an action scene, I saw what they meant and THEY ARE RIGHT. The action scenes actually look like they could be extracted and transformed into a storyboard by themselves. How cool is that?)

Anime Challenge: One Punch Man COMPLETED. And results: Exceeds Expectations.

Boruto: Naruto the Movie

Hey guys!

Boruto_the_Movie_poster_2Today I’ll be reviewing Boruto: Naruto the Movie, which I watched in the cinemas last Friday (which was once again the last day of its showing. HOW does this happen to me AGAIN???). My apologies that it took a while but here it is!

Boruto: Naruto the Movie takes place a few years after The Last: Naruto the Movie and it focuses on Uzumaki Boruto, Naruto and Hinata’s brattish yet prodigious son. In the background of the story stirs an impending threat with relation to Otsutsuki Kaguya that threatens to destroy the current era of peace.


Now a Genin, Boruto is put in a team with Uchiha Sarada, Sasuke and Sakura’s daughter and the mysterious Mitsuki, under the guidance of their team leader, Konohamaru. Smart and adept at picking up skills (just like Sasuke), Boruto has already mastered the Shadow Clone Jutsu and has already started to use nature transformations (three, in fact). After single-handedly subduing a bear for their mission, Team Konohamaru is introduced to a new gadget called a Kote, which stores and releases jutsu and can be used by anyone, including non-jutsu users.

Later in the Hokage’s office, Katasuke, the developer of the Kote pitches his idea to Naruto to allow its use in the Chunin Exams. However, Naruto immediately refuses, saying that allowing the use of the Kote would not showcase a shinobi’s true abilities.

1380768501783742793As the story progresses, we see the strained relationship between Naruto and Boruto, who finds it hard to accept and connect with a father who is rarely around. When Naruto fails to show up personally at Himawari’s birthday celebration, Boruto snaps and bursts out angrily at Hinata, saying that Naruto must have been lucky to have experienced the joy of having no parents and goes into Naruto’s study. There, he sees Naruto’s old, tattered orange jacket and in a fit of rage, throws it out of the window.

When the doorbell rings, he immediately gets up and runs to the door. Upon opening it, he throws a punch at the person at the door, who turns out to be Sasuke. When he realises that Sasuke is Sarada’s dad and his dad’s only equal and rival, he stalks Sasuke to seize an opportunity to talk to him.

Full Boruto Movie Spoiler (18) DNIAt the Hokage’s office, Sasuke throws a scroll from Kaguya’s castle to Naruto and tells him of the impending threat and that he needs help deciphering it. The two also discuss Boruto and have a bet on whether the nature of shinobi has changed. While Naruto says that it has, Sasuke bets that it hasn’t.

On the way home, Sasuke is ambushed and attacked by Boruto, who fails miserably and is tripped over instead. Amazed at Sasuke’s abilities, Boruto asks him to take him on as his disciple. Unimpressed, Sasuke asks him if he can make a Rasengan and tells him to find him again only when he can.

This pushes Boruto to quickly master the Rasengan from Konohamaru and not long after, he returns to Sasuke and shows him his tiny Rasengan. Noting that it is way smaller than what it’s supposed to be, Boruto gets frustrated and flings it at a tree, dismayed at how pathetic it is. He then runs off and Sarada, who had been watching the whole time, approaches her father and speaks on Boruto’s behalf to get him to accept him as his disciple. To which, Sasuke replies that he never said he wouldn’t take on Boruto.

And so Sasuke begins to train Boruto for the Chunin Exams and tells him a little about Naruto back when he was he was a kid when Boruto asks him about Naruto’s weaknesses. Team Konohamaru successfully makes it through Rounds One and Two of the exams (with a little cheating from Boruto) and proud of his son, Naruto visits Boruto in his room and personally congratulates him.

boruto vs shikadaiIn Round Three of the Chunin Exams, the Genins are randomly paired off for a face-off and it eventually boils down to Boruto vs Shikamaru and Temari’s son, Shikadai. An exciting battle ensues but Shikadai manages to get the upper hand and corners Boruto into giving up. Unwilling to lose while his father is watching, Boruto makes use of his Kote once again, making Shikadai surrender and him the winner. (Notice in the GIF that Boruto uses the Gentle Fist technique inherited from his mother)

Suspecting something is amiss, Naruto does a check on Boruto’s wrist and discovers the Kote hidden there. Immediately, he disqualifies his own son from the exams and declares Shikadai the winner instead. The family drama isn’t over yet but it doesn’t last long due to the sudden appearance of Otsutsuki Momoshiki and Kinshiki, the greater threat who intend to gather Kaguya’s scattered chakra and cultivate them into pills so that upon consumption, they would be granted eternal youth and enhanced powers.

boruto_naruto_the_movie_by_animeboy274s-d931ibuA battle ensues, causing wreckage to the amphitheatre and forcing the spectators to evacuate. Realising that their target is himself, Naruto asks Sasuke to protect Sarada and Boruto while he stops their attacks and is ultimately captured.

Boruto wakes up in hospital and suddenly it hits him that his father is gone. In despair, he flees to the Hokage’s office and looks at the various portraits of the various Hokage. There, he finds the old and tattered jacket of Naruto’s and puts it on. Looking at himself in the mirror, he declares himself to be uncool. Appearing behind him, Sasuke agrees and asks him what he’s going to do about it. He tells Boruto that Naruto is still alive and together with the four other Kage, they travel to the dimension that Naruto is held captive in.

The four Kage manage to immobilise Kinshiki and with the combined strength of Naruto and Sasuke, manage to subdue Momoshiki in an epic battle. However, the battle becomes far from over when Katasuke appears, having jumped through the portal at the last minute and shoots Momoshiki with ninjutsu in an attempt to capture him. In an instant, the villain absorbs the ninjutsu, uses the shadow jutsu to trap the four Kage and impales Naruto with chakra rods.

maxresdefault (2)All hope is seemingly lost, until Momoshiki is hit with Boruto’s Rasengan as instructed by Sasuke, which throws him off-guard and releases the four Kage from the shadow jutsu. To perform the final blow, Naruto asks Boruto to make a Rasengan and surprises him by adding enormous power and size to it. With help from Sasuke as a diversion, Boruto manages to hit Momoshiki with the Rasengan, effectively destroying him.

With the threat finally over and obliterated, Sasuke and Naruto sit next to each other, with Sasuke commenting that he’d won the bet. The shinobi world is at peace once again and the old generation looks to the new generation for them to pave a future for themselves.

As usual, that recap took FOREVER. Let’s get straight down to my opinion on it:

I absolutely LOVED Boruto: Naruto the Movie. There was just so much to it that could be expanded and explored but I guess not everything is meant to be fleshed out and revealed in a mere 95 mins huh.

Boruto18Storyline-wise, this movie was a lot better than The Last and it probably had to do with the introduction of the new generation of shinobi. Kishimoto just had to make it such that Boruto was different from Naruto in almost every aspect apart from his looks – smart, possesses considerable prodigious skill, has a family, yet takes them for granted.

BUT that’s exactly where the interest is drawn to. If Boruto was a good boy and dumb but likeable as the Hokage’s son, things wouldn’t be so interesting and there wouldn’t be a story at all. Boruto: Naruto the Movie shows us that despite the many strong differences between Naruto and his son, both are still ultimately the same in that they both longed for attention and recognition from the people they wanted it most from. In Naruto’s case, it is the villagers and in Boruto’s case, because his father outshines him and is the Hokage whom everyone looks up to, it is from Naruto.

The focus on Naruto and Boruto’s relationship from strained, to even more strained, to reparation and reconciliation was wonderfully delivered as we saw how Boruto was suddenly hit with the realisation that he could very easily end up like Naruto himself without a father when Naruto put himself on the frontline and told Sasuke to look after him and Sarada. His transition from not being understanding and appreciative comes like a slap to his face and right after that when he is told that Naruto was still alive, he resolves to set things right and bring him back. I’ll admit that I nearly teared up when Naruto added more power and size to Boruto’s tiny Rasengan and this montage of the Rasengan’s history came onto the screen.

Naruto-Shippuden-Ultimate-Ninja-Storm-43 The fight scenes were amazing, as usual. I can never get tired of watching the Naruto and Sasuke combination fights with all its extremely badass background music and sound effects kicking up my adrenaline a hundred miles per hour. The scene whereby the two stood side by side again to fight Momoshiki particularly struck a chord within me and I remembered the time back when they stood together in the exact same way before they fought with Madara. Anyone else remembers that particular scene when looking at this screenshot above?

Also, I’m really glad that they brought Sasuke back into action because everyone really missed him in The Last. Here in this movie, we got to see Sasuke’s softer side, which he shows to Sarada, Boruto and Naruto. I absolutely adored the way Sarada addressed Sasuke, calling him “Papa”, watching him protect her and training Boruto as though he was his own son. We never could’ve imagined that our cold-blooded world criminal could become such a softie, could we?

tumblr_ns8xaiv3k91td2uato2_540_by_actionpenga-d946e34It totally warmed my heart to see the new generation of shinobi and I was completely riveted by Shikadai, who seems to have almost all the same characteristics as Shikamaru but has his mother’s eyes and blunt way of speech. This kid is definitely one freaking genius because both Shikamaru and Temari are brilliant analysts and strategists.

Lastly, I’m glad that the movie ended with still some questions left unanswered. THIS MEANS THAT THE NARUTO SERIES ISN’T OVER YET. With that questionable post-credits scene begging the question of who Mitsuki’s mother is and Sasuke and Sakura’s love story still in the dark (yes, we still want to know exactly HOW Sakura managed to snag Sasuke in the end), the series is far from over.

As usual, my overall rating for the show: 10/10 

And rewatchability: 9/10


Hey guys!

It’s been a while! I’ve been busy with work and other activities the past few weeks so I didn’t have much time to keep up with all the anime I’m following and search up good manga worthy enough for reviewing. However, in my absence I was still constantly active on Instagram so I didn’t completely disappear. If you want to see the various anime and manga that I’m keeping up with and STILL haven’t followed me, hesitate no more and click HERE.

charlottevisualAmong the summer anime that I had gotten started on, Charlotte is probably the only one that I’m still following.

Why? Because it’s so goddamn GOOD. It’s full of feels and action and you don’t know what to expect next. I remember that my fandom for Charlotte totally shot up right after I had watched episode 7.

The series isn’t completed yet so I’ll quickly run through what the story is about and what has happened so far.


Charlotte is about a group of teenagers who are brought together because each of them wields a special ability that is unique to them. The reason behind why they have abilities is unknown but these teenagers will lose them upon reaching adulthood.

The story follows Otosaka Yuu, who wields the power of body possession, though it is only for five seconds. He lives together with his younger sister, Ayumi who does most of the domestic chores at home and likes to put pizza sauce into everything she cooks. Yuu prides himself on his looks and cheats on his exams to obtain extremely high scores that he is otherwise unable to get to get into a top high school. He is later scouted by Tomori Nao and Takajou Joujirou from Hoshinoumi Academy who reveal that they know of his ability and orders him to transfer schools and join them in the student council.

Without much of a choice, Yuu transfers into Hoshinoumi Academy and joins the student council in scouting out other ability-wielders to offer them safety by enrolling in Hoshinoumi. They successfully recruit Nishimori Yusa, a popular singer who turns out to be an ability-wielder too and meet many other ability-wielders. Can the Houshinoumi Academy student council save all the ability-wielders?


It is later revealed that Yuu’s sister has the power of collapse and when she is cornered by a jealous schoolmate who threatens to hurt her with a penknife, she accidentally activates her ability, collapsing the entire school building and killing herself in the process.

Shocked by grief, Yuu becomes unable to function normally and begins to distance himself from his friends. Dropping deeper into trauma, he leaves home and recklessly picks fights with thugs and wins with the use of his ability. This destructive behaviour eventually stops when Nao appears at a critical moment. She takes Yuu home and makes an agreement with him never to have anything to do with him again after she makes him one meal. Yuu’s walls begin to collapse when he tastes the familiar taste of pizza sauce and breaks down uncontrollably. He promises to return to school to the student council.

charlotte 7-1 charlotte 7-2

Yuu begins to develop feelings for Nao and he accompanies her to the concert of her favourite band, ZHIEND. During the concert, Yuu faints and is taken to hospital. While unconscious, he has a dream of being in a research facility and having an older brother. He awakens to find that it wasn’t just a dream, but actual memories. He is asked to be taken to see someone who will give him all the answers he wants and is taken to Otosaka Shunsuke, his older brother, who is revealed to have been responsible for most of everything that has been set in place.


I love the concept of Charlotte. Stories about people with superpowers are always interesting to watch and although slow and predictable in the beginning (the first 5 episodes), Charlotte totally stepped up its game in episode 6 by throwing us and its characters into a completely unexpected situation – no one would’ve seen that coming. Ayumi’s death happened so fast that I as the viewer could also understand what Yuu was going through in episode 7 because I myself, had grown somewhat attached to Ayumi. Episode 7 made a huge impression on me because I’d never felt so much for a character before for a long time and the fear I’d felt when Yuu was going berserk was real. I was genuinely concerned and worried about what would happen to this character, if you know what I mean?

And who would’ve foreseen that Yuu and Ayumi had a handsome older brother! That was brilliant and it fitted the story perfectly. I love that Shunsuke’s character was that of the doting, loving older brother who would sacrifice anything, if it meant creating a better world for his younger siblings, as well as other troubled ability-wielders. It totally made sense that he was behind the current system of protecting ability-wielders. A scene that I really liked in the series was the forgotten memories of Yuu of the research facility in the original timeline. It gave me a better idea of what it was like for them to live under the oppression of the researchers and why Shunsuke felt that they had to create a system to protect other ability-wielders, leading to the current timeline.

charlotte 10-2 charlotte 10-3

Charlotte‘s art is absolutely beautiful too, giving each scene its respective appropriate feel to it. The characters are likeable and on top of that, I think many viewers can identify with each of them at different points in the story. I love Yuu and Shunsuke’s deep love for their family and the people around them, Ayumi’s innocence and optimism, Nao’s level-headedness and Kumagami’s loyalty to Shunsuke. Overall, what keeps me watching this series is the fact that anything can happen at anytime and it’s usually things that you don’t expect. Or maybe it’s just me who’s rather slow at spotting hints hahaha.

Character likeability / Character background: 9/10 (Not everything is revealed yet but it’s all slowly unfolding beautifully. I like)

Overall story: 9/10 (Charlotte is undoubtedly the best 2015 summer anime in my opinion. It’s so original and it keeps you on your toes every episode)

Re-watchability: 8/10 (Yeah of course I would re-watch it, to see the story from a different perspective from the beginning, now that I know most of the answers to many of the unanswered questions many would have in the first few episodes)


What if the one dearest to you suddenly passed away in a tragic accident? And what if you didn’t have a chance to say the most important things you would have wanted to say to that person? 

How would you ever be able to move on and forgive yourself? 

HALHey guys! Welcome back! I’ll be doing a film review today, on a film that quite grabbed my attention a while back. People online have been saying that this film was really sad and good so I had it bookmarked on my anime list but didn’t watch it immediately because I wasn’t ecstatic to be in the sad emotional mood haha. And yes, the story is pretty sad and heartbreaking.

So anyway, the film is rather short (for a film), timed at around an hour or so and is entitled Hal. Its characters were designed by Sakisaka Io, the mangaka of Ao Haru Ride and Strobe Edge and their voice actors are fantastic, contributing to a world that you can be absorbed into to fully appreciate.

So let’s go into the film:

The story starts off with the explosion of a plane in the sky that has just taken off. Locals on the ground look up in horror as the tragedy takes it course and an old man collapses to the ground after receiving and reading a notification on his phone.

We’re told that Hal has died and that because of that, Kurumi is unable to eat, sleep or cry. In despair, the old man, most probably the grandfather of either Kurumi or Hal tells his robot, Q01 to “save that child”.

hal-5 hal-6

And so Q01 becomes Hal and goes on his way to Kurumi and the original Hal’s house. As a robot, Hal doesn’t know what it means to “feel” and makes his way to the house, observing his surroundings and the people around him. His mission now is to help Kurumi feel what it’s like to live again and is given a parting gift from his care centre doctor: a Rubik’s cube that once belonged to Hal.

When Q01 Hal reaches the home of Kurumi and Hal, he tries to talk to her and introduces himself to her. However, Kurumi is closed off to the world and without saying much, clearly indicates to him that she wants to be left alone. Q01 Hal gets the point and leaves but sticks around to clean and tidy up the house a little. While cleaning, he comes upon the Rubik’s cube again and decides to solve it to decipher the messages written on each side. He then cooks a meal for Kurumi, leaves it outside her room and tells her that he would return the next day.

Upon returning the following day, Q01 Hal greets Kurumi and discovers that the food he’d left outside her room was left untouched. Kindly, he asks her if there’s anything she desires and goes out into the streets to do some shopping. On the way, he interacts with other people and gets the help of little kids to help him solve another side of the Rubik’s cube. The message on the side of the Rubik’s cube that the kids solve state: “I want a pet giraffe” and so Q01 Hal goes in search of a giraffe that he can bring back (haha so cute!)

He tries to take back a decorative giraffe that belongs to an old man but fails after getting scolded by him and relates the story to his doctor and some old ladies. The doctor states that the giraffe was listed as $0 not because it was of no value but because it was priceless. Q01 Hal interacts with the old ladies in the centre and gets the help from one of them to call up the owner of the decorative giraffe to let it go. The owner accepts and Q01 Hal and the doctor go over to carry it to Kurumi’s house.

hal-7 hal-8

When Kurumi sees that Q01 Hal had brought back a pet giraffe, she leaves a note by the door with the words “Thank you robot Hal”, making him surprised and glad. The doctor also encourages him, telling him that he did good. From then on, Q01 Hal continues to solve the rest of the Rubik’s cube sides and go about his daily routine of looking after Kurumi.

One day, while doing grocery shopping, he bumps into one of Hal’s friends Ryu, who greets him as though he was never gone (or rather, never died…) but he doesn’t stick around for long before he is chased by two men in white suits and is forced to run to escape from them.

hal-9 hal-10

When Q01 Hal returns to Kurumi’s house, he asks her if Hal ever abused her, seeing as the Rubik’s cube newly solved side reveals Kurumi’s wish for Hal to stop using violence. She reveals that she and Hal had a fight before and then shows him flashback memories of the fight projected on a screen. When the memories end, Kurumi states, “If only human emotions could be displayed like data” and Q01 Hal apologises to her for hurting her feelings and failing to understand her more. But Kurumi admits that she was at fault too for failing to fully understand Hal’s grievances.

Q01 Hal manages to solve another side of the Rubik’s cube with help from the centre’s old ladies and this time, Kurumi’s wish is to go to a festival in a yukata. In order to obtain yukatas, Q01 Hal goes to visit Kurumi’s grandfather according to instructions given to him by his doctor. Here, we see that the old man from the beginning of the story was in fact, Kurumi’s grandfather and he gives two sets of yukata to Q01 Hal, one for Kurumi and the other for himself, one that Kurumi had made for Hal.

Q01 Hal invites Kurumi to go to the festival with him and after apologising to him for not being able to understand him, she agrees to his invitation. On the day of the festival, Kurumi spots a few Rubik’s cubes on the table and decides to write a message on one of its unused sides.

hal-13 hal-14

Kurumi and Q01 Hal then go on their festival date doing festival things and end up playing at the river. It is then Ryu appears with two others and tells Q01 Hal that they made a huge loss of late and proposes that they cash Kurumi in to regain what they had lost. Angered, Kurumi pushes Ryu into the river and yells for Q01 Hal to run.

A chase ensues and rain begins to fall from the sky as the day shifts into night. While running on some wooden planks of a house, Kurumi falls through them and into the river below. Q01 Hal tries to save her but is pounced on by Ryu, who had caught up. Ryu punches Q01 Hal, yelling at him to wake up and to try and remember. Q01 Hal begins to recall his memories and we’re taken back to the fight Hal and Kurumi had before the flight took off.

In the flashback, Kurumi stands up and angrily takes her luggage in hand and heads for the departure gate of the fated plane and we realise in horror that the one who died, was in fact Kurumi.

hal-16 hal-17


*spoilers included, read at your own discretion*

Even though I knew that Hal was going to be a sad, tragic story with a plot twist (since everyone said so), I totally failed to notice all the tiny hints that were being dropped throughout the show and was completely stunned when the plot twist was revealed. Right after the plot twist was revealed, I was wondering to myself why didn’t I see it coming?? and then realised how very clever and vague the story had been all along, right from the start.

It isn’t the end for Hal after he realises that Kurumi was already dead and he struggles to come to terms with reality for a while after that. He has a little talk with Kurumi’s grandfather, who tells him that the dead will always be with them and that he often talks to them. In the end, we see Hal eating a meal by himself at home and after taking a bite, he says to Kurumi that the food is delicious.

BUT DON’T GO AWAY AFTER THE CREDITS ROLL because right after that, there’s a little scene that shows us Kurumi’s Rubik’s cube pile. And the shot zooms in for us to see the message that Q01 Kurumi had written on the day of the festival, making us all teary-eyed.


Honestly, that last bit was a killer, it was so touching.

Overall, I really enjoyed watching Hal even though I didn’t know where the story was going half the time and just went along with it. But because I did, I got to feel the full impact of feels the people behind Hal intended their audience to feel. Yes, it’s a tragic story but I think that it addresses a very real situation in which a loved one dies and the ones left behind are left emotionally shattered. And finding the will to live again is something that deserves a whole lot of praise to me. Well done production team 🙂

As for the robot therapy used in the story whereby a robot takes the place of the dead loved one, I would like to know your thoughts on it. Would you use robot therapy yourself? What do you think are the pros and cons of such a method? Is it of more good than bad on the already traumatised loved one or the other way around? Let me know what you think on this!

Character likeability / Character background: 8/10 (Despite feeling completely lost as to who the characters are, details on them are carefully and wonderfully laid out and unfolded as the story goes by like a jigsaw puzzle)

Overall story: 8/10 (It was cleverly thought out, had great animation – nice work choosing Sakisaka Io! – and a brilliant soundtrack that greatly contributed to the mood of the story)

Re-watchability: 8/10 (Although it’s sad and a little slow-paced, it’s touching and I wouldn’t mind re-watching Hal again to better understand the story now that I can watch it from a different perspective)

Preview: Prison School

Hey guys!

Welcome back! Today I’ll be doing an instant reaction post on the first episode of Prison School, one of the new 2015 Summer Anime series. I have been intrigued by the plot of this story ever since I read about it and a friend of mine even told me that this is gonna be really perverted but I don’t know how far the ecchi-ness will go so I’m gonna try. We’re keeping an open mind here, so the fact that I’m a girl watching this show for today flies out of the window okay?

I’m doing this in a different format for the first time so this is how it’ll go. I’ll be giving my thoughts and comments as the story goes on through the episode, stopping whenever I feel like it. These thoughts will be written down instantly the moment they float into my head while I’m watching the episode so I think it’ll be interesting. It’s to give the post a more “instantaneous” feel to it since what I normally do is to watch through an entire episode then try to recall what it was about and write out my thoughts on it while doing a recap. But I can’t usually remember details all that well so I always have to go back and re-watch the episode and write out my thoughts at the same time so I’ll be changing the format here.

Please tell me what you guys think of the new format and I hope you’ll find this form of writing and reviewing closer to your heart! 🙂


Let’s begin!

prisonschool 1-1 prisonschool 1-2

Already into the first minute of the episode and I’m already getting a good idea on what I’m getting myself into. Five guys are being punished/tortured(?) behind a dark and foreboding looking sky. They are all thrown to the ground by the figure of a girl who we can’t say much about, other than her huge assets. Clearly, we see where this is going.

prisonschool 1-4

I’m not going to lie, Fujino Kiyoshi is the most handsome one out of the lot of five guys. I don’t know anything about him yet so I hope his personality won’t be half bad.

prisonschool 1-5 prisonschool 1-6

Hahahahaha… I spoke too soon huh. What was I really expecting from this decent looking dude in an ecchi anime anyway hahahahaha

prisonschool 1-8 prisonschool 1-9-1

LOOOL. So much for that huge declaration and bravado *clap clap*

prisonschool 1-10 prisonschool 1-11

HAHAHA does this also mean that Chiyo-san has weird tastes in men??? It’s not cool if she ends up liking him because of a sumo guy on his eraser XD

prisonschool 1-12 prisonschool 1-13

OHH so it turns out that she has the same eraser, hence the sparks. This love won’t last honey hahaha.

prisonschool 1-15 prisonschool 1-16

So it turns out that Chiyo-san really loves sumo wrestling and wants to go for student sumo league tournament that’s coming up. She asks Kiyoshi if he would like to go with her to see it and he almost immediately replies that he’ll go! Oh honey you are sooo in trouble now hahaha

So the other four guys have decided to go peeping into the girls bathroom because they’ve never seen what a girl’s breasts or bare bottom looked like and Kiyoshi’s like NO we can’t do that!


prisonschool 1-17 prisonschool 1-18


And the funniest thing about this is that Kiyoshi was the one who opposed to it and now HE’S the one who says “Let’s go”

The boys are now on their way to commence operation: bathroom peeping but when Kiyoshi hears of which class’ girls they’re headed to, he gets a huge shock.

“That’s MY class!! Which means…”

prisonschool 1-24 prisonschool 1-25


Which leads to this:

prisonschool 1-26


Also, what kind of window opens upwards like that?

The boys commence their peeping operation by using video call from two phones. Kiyoshi is all opposed to it until he sees Chiyo-chan walking away from the changing room… which means that his buddies won’t get to see her naked right? And so, he immediately jumps right back into the operation LOL. He offers to dangle one of the phones into the changing room and does it pretty well until he is told that that phone is his.


He drops the phone out of shock and has no choice but to go into the girls’ changing room to retrieve it. Just when he retrieves it, a girl walks into the changing room – it’s Chiyo-chan! Halp.

… And up on the roof, the other four minions scoot away completely ditching Kiyoshi hahahaha

After a few seconds, Chiyo-chan calls out “Mayumi?” and it turns out that she’s near-sighted and can’t really tell who Kiyoshi is. She tells him to get undressed and drags him into the baths. To the unbelief of the four minions.

prisonschool 1-27 prisonschool 1-28

The minions are so jealous of Kiyoshi that they figured, if Kiyoshi could do it, so could we and so:

prisonschool 1-29 prisonschool 1-30

Do these bozos actually think they can all sneak into the girls’ bathroom like that??? Halp I don’t know how much of this ridiculousness I can take XD

Okay so the ridiculousness ends quite fast after that. The minions get caught by the underground Student Council and get thrown up on a stage and each tied to a stake. Kiyoshi is not spared.

prisonschool 1-31

Ouch. The punishment looks brutal.

We’re then shown the boys carrying huge wood blocks just like in the beginning and they’re treated harshly by the vice president who seems to enjoy hitting them like a super sadist. She even commands Andre to lick her boot and he nearly does it until Kiyoshi steps in and tells her to stop.

That night, when the boys talk about the boot-licking, Andre wails at Kiyoshi:

“Why did you stop me from licking the vice president’s boot!” 

… あれ?

prisonschool 1-34 prisonschool 1-35

That’s my reaction on the right right there haha! Such masochists minions tsk tsk.

And so the five boys are all sent to do a bunch of labour work day in day out. It even includes doing meaningless work like finding four-leaf clovers under the strict super-S supervision of the Underground Student Council. While away on his own, Kiyoshi returns a baby bird back to its nest and from the tree branch, he sees Chiyo-chan.

prisonschool 1-36 prisonschool 1-37

Aww. She still believes in him. And just when you think our hero is going to speak the truth, he totally lives up to our expectations and says yes! Well done Kiyoshi, your consistency is there XD

prisonschool 1-38

Upon her leaving, Kiyoshi then calls out to her and promises to go to the sumo wrestling match with her in two weeks’ time. Chiyo-chan smiles and then leaves, leaving Kiyoshi stuck on top of the branch when the Underground Student Coucil’s Secretary comes into view, looking for him. She fails to look up (which is damn weird, like couldn’t she just run to the nearest toilet???) and decides to go pee right under the tree that Kiyoshi’s on, inadvertently exposing her butt to him. Shocked, our hero tries to hold himself together but a crow arrives at the bird’s nest and attacks him, making him lose his balance…

…and fall right in front of her.

Why does this guy get all the luck in the world hahahaha


So Prison School was not a totally bad as I thought it would be and I thoroughly enjoyed myself watching this episode. By the halfway mark, I was already drawn in by the story.

What is so funny about this show is the not-so-controlled desires of five boys who are plonked in the middle of an entire population of girls. Being surrounded by girls day in and out in school, the boys are given no choice but to look at them and let their minds run wild with imagination and fantasies.

Kiyoshi is the most sensible one of the lot, trying to stay pure yet almost always failing to keep to it because of peer pressure, curiosity and lust. It’s just hilarious and he doesn’t fail to disappoint when you expect him to fail to keep to his words HAHA.

As for the other four minions, they must be either terribly curious or deprived of females to want to see them so much. Their desire for female contact and interaction goes beyond understanding – so much such that they become super-Ms. Thank goodness Kiyoshi’s pride is still intact in that area ha.

I wouldn’t mind carrying on to watch and follow this series, though some of the scenes in it really go for it, since it is of seinen genre. Such as direct in-your-face breast scenes and bashing up scenes that turn really bloody, showing you a little girl smiling cutely with blood all over her hands and uniform like some yandere *COUGH* – Midorikawa Hana – *COUGH* I guess I just have to either ignore those or get used to seeing them.

prisonschool 1-39

Other than that, Prison School is amazing. It’s funny, cheeky and ridiculous – a story about the internal desire struggles of boys going through puberty while having to keep them under control in the environment of an all girls’ school. I don’t think you will be able to resist the absurdity of the boys’ antics. If you’re a girl, you’ll probably squirm at certain scenes just like I did (we try to keep an open mind) but you’ll still find yourself enjoying this show. If you’re a guy, then hell yeah, you WILL enjoy this show XD

Kuroko no Basket: Tip Off

Hey guys!

Welcome back to another review post! I’m posting this to mark my completion of the Kuroko no Basket series (seasons 1, 2 and 3) because i just couldn’t get enough of it! The journey to defeat all the members of the Generation of Miracles seems too fast and too good to be true. Now, I’m at the now what? stage. Defeating all of them to prove that Kuroko’s way of basketball is the strongest style of playing the game rightfully should be the end because that was the purpose and the goal driving the story right?



But that can’t be IT! -sobs-

I hope there will be an epilogue or something, something to show us about the characters’ lives after defeating the Generation of Miracles and how they’re doing now. I mean, winning one championships doesn’t mean the end of the world, there are many other competitions that everyone can participate in again to prove their mettle. The battle is never-ending. But I guess if that happened then the story would kind of lose its meaning and get pretty boring huh.

So anyway, because I was feeling all hyped up after completing Season 3, I went to watch the smaller episodes that are specials, either NGs or OVAs etc and I came across Kuroko no Basket: Tip Off which is episode 22.5.

Kuroko no Basket: Tip Off tells of the Generation of Miracles’ past, back in Teiko Middle School. It follows Kise Ryota from the time he joins the basketball club to the time when he begins to respect Kuroko for his exceptional passing skills.

When Kise first joins Teiko’s basketball club, within two weeks, he is promoted to the first string and is taken to the first string court by Momoi. There, he is told that he will have a trainer and is given a scare when Kuroko magically materialises in front of him.

ova-6 ova-7

He’s totally surprised and dumbfounded that his trainer is a guy with a complete lack of presence and immediately doubts Kuroko’s capabilities.

True enough, Kuroko’s skills are displayed in a practice game whereby he dribbles the ball and shoots, with Kise captured by the shot, totally expecting something awesome from his trainer…

Until it completely fails and bounces off the rim of the hoop XD

ova-13 ova-14

Kise is completely dumbfounded by this point and is confused as to why Kuroko is his trainer. After cleanup, on his way out of the school entrance, he is greeted by Aomine, Kuroko and Murasakibara who was waiting for him. Aomine proposes that they go and celebrate Kise’s promotion into the first string and drags him away without waiting for an answer.

Next thing that we know, all four characters are standing outside a convenience shop eating ice cream and Kise demands to know why they’re celebrating at a convenience shop and why HE had to pay for all the ice cream XD XD XD

ova-20 ova-21

Aomine replies that Kise’s a model anyway so he’s got the money to do it and Murasakibara adds that buying a whole box allowed them to get a deal hahahahaha. Kise’s not happy and he goes on to say that they even picked up some strange guy along the way, who turns out to be who else – Midorima XD

Midorima hilariously answers in his deadpan way that he just happened to be at the convenience shop first, then Kuroko invited him to the party. I find it hilarious that they called this somewhat welcome celebration for Kise OUTSIDE a convenience shop a “party”. Excuse me while I go somewhere and die of laughter first.

At this point, Kise asks Midorima who the hell he is and we realise that they still don’t know each other yet. Midorima introduces himself and soon after that, the party is split into several things happening at once – Kuroko discovers that he has won an ice cream, Murasakibara goes off and returns with more snacks and the group is joined by another person – Momoi, who is ecstatically staring at the ice cream stick Kuroko had given her. Kise stares at the disarray and sighs lol.

Then suddenly, out of nowhere, a snatch thief on a motorbike speeds past the gang, knocking Momoi down and a woman crying out for help to catch the thief. Immediately, Kise and Aomine drop their bags and pursue the thief. Calmly, Midorima remarks that they will never catch up to the motorbike and takes Murasakibara’s snack and launches it into the air HAHAHA

ova-39 ova-40

Murasakibara’s snack flies into the night sky so high that it even catches Kise’s attention and he looks up to see it fly above his head…

ova-43 ova-44

Kise looking up to the sky to see this flying projectile heading towards the motorist killed me.

Unsurprisingly and comically hilarious, the snack hits it target on the head and the gang successfully catches the snatch thief XD

On the way home, the gang talk about their awesome team effort in catching the snatch thief and Kise asks if everyone there is a regular and Aomine confirms this. Kise is stunned that even Kuroko is a regular and decides to find out what’s so special about his trainer the next day. He goes around asking the other regulars what they think of Kuroko (Murasakibara, Midorima and Momoi) but is unable to get a satisfactory answer from any of them either because of laziness, eccentricity or overwhelming feelings of love HAHA.

After a few more practice games against Kuroko, Kise seriously doubts Kuroko would be any good in a match and questions Aomine why a guy who is worse than him is his trainer. In the next basketball practice, Akashi decides to have Kuroko and Kise play in a match with the second string players against another school. PhotoGrid_1437064451008

And it is during this match that Kise discovers what Kuroko’s true skill is and begins to respect him deeply. Furthermore, it is when he realises that he enjoyed playing basketball and that this sport is the one for him.

I really enjoyed myself while watching this episode because I wanted to see more of the Generation of Miracles when they were back in Teiko. And the scene of them celebrating Kise’s promotion to the first string was just so hilarious and heartwarming. In that scene, they were all just normal club mates who could freely fool around with each other before all the angst kicked in later on.

Aomine was so cute and likeable, always smiling and messing around during practices with his teammates. And his relationship with Kuroko back then was so ideal. I don’t know how else to describe it. Everyone else was pretty much the same, just miniature versions of themselves – and Akashi was so cute even as a calculating young boy!

And this episode was perfect because I’ve always wanted to know how Kuroko trained Kise back when he was his trainer. It turns out that he didn’t do much though and was in fact, looked down upon by his own student hahaha XD

To round up for the Kuroko no Basket series, here is my verdict:

Character likeability / Character background: 9/10 (Because I can’t seem to hate much of the characters, and pretty much like the characters in Naruto, most of the antagonistic characters in Kuroko no Basket are not malicious by intent and act the way they do because of internal struggles e.g. Aomine, Akashi)

Overall story: 9/10 (It’s inspirational and full of learning points, mostly about not giving up)

Re-watchability: 10/10 (It’s so funny, action-packed and full of ridiculous yet absurdly amazing OP abilities of the Generation of Miracles, you won’t have time to take a break because you’ll just want to watch more and more!)

Shounen Movies Update

Hey guys!

It’s been a while since I did a news update. The last one I did actually received a lot of good feedback to my surprise and I was really heartened that everyone who read that post helped out one another as to where we could go to download the movies. So anyway here’s another news update, this time about shounen-genre movies.

I’ll be doing two news updates today; the first is about Boruto: Naruto the Movie and the second is about the live-action adaptation of Shingeki no Kyojin.

Boruto_the_Movie_poster_2 main

Boruto: Naruto the Movie

The upcoming movie’s new trailer has been released and it looks so action-packed and exciting. The story revolves around Konoha’s new generation of ninjas, which of course includes Boruto, Naruto’s son. In this story, it seems that Boruto is unhappy with Naruto’s constant absence and vows to surpass his dad to become an even better Hokage. To do this, he will go to his dad’s best friend and rival, Sasuke and request that he take him on as an apprentice.

What got me so excited for this movie was seeing the new generation of ninjas. Sarada is seen with her Sharingan, Shikadai looks almost 100% like his dad but has Temari’s eyes and Inojin is seen pinning someone down with a sword (and did anyone notice Boruto was wearing Naruto’s old tracksuit jacket at one point? That’s so adorable) – this new generation looks so promising indeed. And not forgetting to mention, the new voice actors voice acting Boruto and Sarada sound amazing, I can’t wait to see this movie the moment it’s released.

I know that many of us were grumbling and disappointed at Sasuke’s pathetic given screen time in The Last: Naruto the Movie but now we know for sure that since Sasuke will be playing an active role in this movie, he’ll definitely be appearing in more than two scenes so rejoice everybody XD
It’ll also be great to see all of the original characters again, this time as adults and parents so we’ll all be looking forward to seeing that.

Shingeki no Kyojin

A new full trailer was also released for Shingeki no Kyojin‘s live-action movie and the use of the 3D Maneuver Gear is revealed for the first time. It looks mighty cool but a lot less cooler than how we saw it being used in the anime to be honest hahahaha!

The whole trailer looks really cool and action-packed, with lots of people just running everywhere. Chaos, chaos, chaos. The titans actually don’t look too bad, realistic enough for a movie as huge as this – I actually felt a chill run down my spine when I heard the Colossal Titan roar. And might I side-track a little to say how cool Eren looks in this trailer, no? 🙂

I really hope this movie won’t let the series down because Shingeki no Kyojin is a really good story but one that involves a whole bunch of graphics and CGI, which can make the movie turn out really fake or really realistic and exceed everyone’s expectations. Hopefully it will end up standing on par to the anime with whatever slim chance it has of doing so.

And that’s all I have for you today! Which of these two movies are you looking forward to watching more? What are you looking forward to seeing most in Boruto: Naruto the Movie? And what are your bets on the success of Shingeki no Kyojin‘s live-action adaptation since live-action adaptations don’t always do their series justice? Let me know in the comments 🙂